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This Is Salvita Decorte And She Will Be Playing ‘Sarah’ in HBO’s ‘Halfworlds’
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This Is Salvita Decorte And She Will Be Playing ‘Sarah’ in HBO’s ‘Halfworlds’

by Deric EctJune 11, 2015

Petite, a little nervous, but all smiles, Salvita Decorte is no stranger to attention. The talented young woman last turned heads with her paintings but is currently nabbing headlines due to her participation in HBO‘s Halfworlds.

Salvita’s striking face has led her to a successful career in modelling; she has adorned magazine covers and editorial spreads and will soon grace screens having access to HBO Asia. She’s not just playing some pretty Bond chick either; the character of Sarah is a very important one in the Halfworlds universe.

According to official handouts, Sarah is a “phenomenally talented street artist with a dark and tragic past — orphaned when her parents were brutally killed during the ’98 riots.” In the series, Sarah’s career opportunity as an artist is largely non-existent due to her brushes with law enforcement.


Salvita’s moody paintings have been on exhibit on many occasions throughout Indonesia.

According to Decorte, she relates to Sarah because they’re both down to earth and have humble origins. They also dress “almost the same” apparently.

Furthermore, akin to Salvita in real life, Sarah is an artist. The similarities probably stop there however.

“Sarah and I have very different painting styles,” Salvita clarifies, when we spoke to her at Infinite Studios, Batam.

“I like to paint abstract portraits, but Sarah is more like a manga artist.”

Things deviated further away for Salvita when fight scenes came into play.

“We did some choreography when we read [lines] as well. My character Sarah, she’s more of a street fighter. I don’t have the sort of a kicking ass skills like most actors do so it’s not as cool as the other characters.”

She giggles before adding, “I have like three moves.”


Salvita is from Bali, where she grew up speaking mostly English due to her social circle.

Salvita, now aged 25, hasn’t had very much exposure as an actress although Halfworlds is about to change that. The chance to work under Joko Anwar on her breakout role is a massive deal for her though she has had barely any trouble due to Joko’s directorial style.

“It’s my first time working with Joko,” she states proudly.

“I read a lot with [co-star] Aimee, we read almost every day. Joko was always there, filming us when we were reading and giving input. But he also lets us give our input and we did this for about a month.”

“Joko would also give us situations that our characters are in and we would have to improvise our way around. By the time we went on set I felt comfortable being there. He would also never tell you this is wrong, this is the right way, he’s very supportive of our ideas.”

Playing Sarah meant that Salvita had to get acquainted to Aimee Saras, who plays Sarah’s best friend Pinung.


Aside from her Indonesian ventures, Salvita has also had success modelling internationally.

“We did a lot of bonding! It wasn’t so difficult because we had one thing in common: going to cafes and having coffee,” Salvita admits.

In fact, watching Salvita and Aimee joke about their first impressions of each other and talk about the men in Halfworlds strongly suggested that the two have become actual friends.

The only other cast member Salvita has interacted with so far was Malaysia’s Bront Palarae, who she googled to find out more of as soon as Halfworlds appeared on her horizon.

“I had a scene with Bront, that was nice,” she reminisced.

“First day on set with him, he was really nervous. I asked him how are you and he said I feel like shit, and I asked why and he said I’m really nervous, and that made me really nervous, and then we kept on doing our lines over and over again.”

Salvita and the rest of the cast have approximately four weeks left in Batam for filming. The Halfworlds team are currently in their second week of production at Infinite Studios.

All pictures sourced from Salvita Decorte’s Instagram account.

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