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From Ritual To Visual: A Quick Glance At Mandala Art
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From Ritual To Visual: A Quick Glance At Mandala Art

by Tharany M.July 6, 2015

Mandala art? Bet most of you have seen but never knew it had a name.

The mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the Universe.  Mandalas generally have one identifiable centre point. From it’s very middle, an array of symbols, shapes and forms branch out.


Vishnu Mandala


Medicine Buddha Mandala

Some even say it looks like a henna or kolam – simple housewife art known to be displayed in the verandas of an Indian house.


Source: Lines in Air


Source: Lines in Air

The younger generation took this to a whole new level. They made mandala art more creative through the use of colours and various other designs.


Source: Martineerj


Source: Martineerj


Source: Mariquack


Source: Mariquack

Some also have the mandala drawn on their skin, via the art of tattooing.


Tattoo by Alex Bawn


Tattoo by Alex Bawn

One glance at this art and some might think, that looks easy. The fact remains that mandala art is a little difficult for first timers but there are many mandala tutorials on YouTube which are helpful.

This writer’s favourite? Peter Draws. Who knew that those mathematical geometry sets would come in handy after school?

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