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Kung Fu Monster: The Taming of a Beast
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Kung Fu Monster: The Taming of a Beast

by In house WriterJanuary 3, 2019

In the waning years of the Ming Dynasty, the Bruneian Empire offers a rare creature to the nation as a gift. Ocean, a member of the Imperial Secret Police, has been tasked to tame the beast. Though the furry beast appears ferocious on the outside, Ocean discovers that it is kind by nature. Not wanting to turn the beast into a killing machine on the battlefield, Ocean secretly releases the beast into the wild and elopes with Frigid, the daughter of a man executed on false charges. However, Ocean is eventually captured by Crane, the wicked leader of the palace’s infamous Eastern Depot. 

In the final years of the Ming Dynasty, a rare creature escapes from the western gardens of the Imperial Palace. When the palace puts a hefty bounty on the escaped creature, martial arts masters from all walks of life jump in on the hunt…

Kung Fu Monster is set in the waning years of the Ming Dynasty. According to the annals of history, the Wanli Emperor refused to hold council for 30 years, leading to internal conflicts among the ruling class. Disputes between factions became increasingly intense over time. The dispute over imperial succession became the rock that caused a ripple with widespread effects. The three infamous mysterious cases of the late Ming Dynasty – The Case of the Demon Books, the Case of the Red Pill and the Case of the Ambush – also originated from this dispute.

In tumultuous times, human nature often exposes itself.

Kung Fu Monster strives to explore the basic qualities of human nature. Screenwriter Rong Chao says, “During the writing process, we tried to employ a modern approach when thinking about the complexity of human nature. Even the wandering warriors we know from old wuxia stories are human, too. How does a great martial arts warrior deal with the problem of survival? When he faces difficulties, does the dark side of human nature rear its head?”

Under the urging of producer Mandy Law, director Andrew Lau later developed great interest for this fresh and hilariously absurd screenplay. Kung Fu Monster marks a departure for the director, who has always wanted to use macabre humor to reflect the current state of the world and explore history from the perspective of the common folk.

After extensive preparation and coordination by different parties, Kung Fu Monster finally went into production in 2017. With this film, director Andrew Lau and producers Derek Yee, Mandy Law, Peggy Lee, and Rong Chao collaborate to bring a neverbefore-seen vision of the wuxia underworld to the big screen.

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