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Attention Video-Makers! Win 6 Go Pros (and More) In Just 3 Minutes
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Attention Video-Makers! Win 6 Go Pros (and More) In Just 3 Minutes

by The Daily SeniJune 1, 2015

If you find yourself at loss with how you should be spending the June holidays, or feeling like a sloth every weekend (don’t deny it) then watching too many films, get your creative juice flowing with the Palm Oil TV Video Contest.


Saturday, May 30: Just this morning, the organiser of the video contest, Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC), presented a workshop for the participants at Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda, Shah Alam.

It was heartwarming seeing so many hopefuls in one room eagerly absorbing everything put forth by the four speakers: Nik Amir Mustapha (Directing), Nazs Othman (Cinematography/Editing), Muzzamer Rahman (Scriptwriting), and Azeli Arif (Art Directing).

“As an NGO aimed to promote and market Malaysian palm oil, MPOC through Palm Oil TV  an online edutainment media  is providing a space for aspiring filmmakers and photographers to take part in their competitions while educating them about palm oil and the industry,” says Suzanna Md Dahan, MPOC promotions & branding manager.

Also, has anyone told you that having a portfolio in the film and media industry is very important? No one told me that’s why I’m here. So get your mental motor moving and make something for yourself!

What Palm Oil TV Video Contest

Details  Shoot an informercial-styled video of less than 3 minutes with the theme of ‘Palm Oil – Now You Know’. You may submit as many videos as you like. The video should highlight the benefits of palm oil; health-wise, economically, or environmentally. The video should engage the audience by highlighting facts on palm oil. It’s to show what palm oil really is or what it means to you, the community or the world.

I Need An Idea The 3-minute video can be on a recipe that uses palm oil, and how amazing the recipe turn out to be. It can be on anything from lifestyle to fitness to health as long as it’s about palm oil!

Have creative freedom in your video using footage, motion graphics, animation, stop motion, or multi-media  and express your filmmaking skills! Please refer to  the Palm Oil TV site to choose the facts that you want to use for you the video.

When Deadline of 31st July 2015

Where Register for the contest at

Prizes 1st: RM7000, 2nd: RM4000, 3rd: RM2000, 4th: 6 Go Pros

For more details and updates Log onto the Palm Oil TV events site.


Further Reading: A Minute With Nik Amir

Last year, the burgeoning director of Terbaik Dari Langit (TDL) had his film premiered at the Tokyo International Film Festival. Wendi Sia caught up with him to see what he’s been up to:

What are your current plans right now?

Film-wise, not so much. It’s just research, watching movies, reading books most on the marketing side, what we can do to explore further, like what (TDL lead) Bront (Palarae) is doing at Cannes.

What sort of films?

Mostly winning films from festivals. (Nik Amir lists films like Memento, Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, A Separation and Sepet as influences – ed).

Are you looking to explore further with genres?

I’ve only done two films (KIL and TDL) but I’d like to explore drama, more like human-family drama, something deeper.

Giving talks like today, what are you hoping to achieve?

I think those who participate in competitions are the new generation who basically want to make films. I’ve learned a few things making the two films and I can share those with them, hopefully it’ll give them a heads up.

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