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Love, Limzy: Malaysian Visual Artist Combines Flora With Watercolour To Gorgeous Effect
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Love, Limzy: Malaysian Visual Artist Combines Flora With Watercolour To Gorgeous Effect

by Tharany M.June 17, 2015

Lim Zhi Wei (better known by her pseudonym Limzy) is a Malaysian visual artist. She grew up in Sabah, but at the age of 16, moved to Singapore. Limzy graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art Singapore (NAFA) in 2011, majoring in Western Painting.


Limzy’s works are updated on her Instagram, which she treats as a gallery. Her works involve using ordinary materials such as flowers and stationery found in everyday life.

For example, Limzy takes petals from flowers and creates various kind of animals from them.



She has also created the character Maleficent with flower petals that she painted!14227733161_9d42bbcbb6_b

Limzy also uses foods such as nuts and fruits in her work. She brilliantly puts the things we eat into a unique illustration as evident in the following pictures.

Most popular of her works are the ‘flower girls’. This is where she designs gowns or skirts for the girls she paints with the use of flower petals.

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Limzy also created a narrative using her artwork, in a unique collaboration with Newo Digital while at Shanghai.

Done in time for Mother’s Day, 10 of her pieces were curated to tell the story of a mother and daughter from the latter’s birth all the way to adulthood, using only watercolor and flowers.

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View more of Limzy’s work on her website, which she updates frequently.

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