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Aizat Amdan To Release A New Single Each Month, Kicks Off With “Bagai Hidup Semula”
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Aizat Amdan To Release A New Single Each Month, Kicks Off With “Bagai Hidup Semula”

by Maira ZamriFebruary 19, 2016

THIS “Lagu Kita” singer recently revealed his GEGAR 2016 project which involves him releasing a new single every month! Singer/songwriter Aizat Amdan, one of more popular finalists from the fifth season of Akademi Fantasia, has a slew of tracks coming out this year and the first is “Bagai Hidup Semula”.

This video clip sangat special pasal lagu ni aku dapat semangat from cerita macam mana aku kurus dulu. Dulu berat aku pernah cecah 114kg! Hopefully, lagu ni dapat beri korang semangat baru, idea baru, dan lahirkan diri korang sendiri pada tahun baru 2016 ni!

— Aizat Amdan.

His first single of 2016, the music video starts off with Aizat telling us the story of his journey to weight loss, and towards feeling physically healthier. The 5-minute video follows him jogging from his home to the beach.

His YouTube houses some personal vlogs showcasing his project in better detail. Fans of the 27-year-old singer: quickly subscribe to get exclusive behind-the-scenes footage to his everyday life!

He is best known for songs like “Hanya Kau Yang Mampu” and “Sungai Lui”, but he was also responsible for “Pergi,” which was featured in Yasmin Ahmad‘s Talentime. He also collaborated with Yuna on “Dwihati“.

We have a special place for him in our hearts — this young musician was the first one who kindly dropped by The Daily Seni to do our Close-Up Session back in 2015.

Watch “Bagai Hidup Semula”!

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