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This Is ‘Showdown’, A New Malaysian Dance Film
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This Is ‘Showdown’, A New Malaysian Dance Film

by Maira ZamriMarch 12, 2016

MORE than half a decade after Sayang You Can Dance (2009), Malaysia finally has a new dance film. Showdown is set to shuffle into local cinemas this April.

The film is directed by Khairil M. Bahar, known for Relationship Status (2012) and Cuak (2014). It marks his return to a major studio motion picture after a string of independent releases.

Showdown tells the story of dance team Battle Crew who battle their way to Showdown, a dance competition.

The cast is led by actor Reza Hasbi who before acting, was a B-Boy! Also expect familiar faces such as Iedil PutraAzad JasminIzara Aishah, and Maria Farida. Cameos of Linda Jasmin, Altimet and Giller Battle Crew (the 2010 winners of the real Showdown series that aired on TV) have been confirmed.

Showdown also received its own segment on the recent Anugerah Juara Lagu 30 this year, closing the event with killer moves and Izara Aishah on the stage.

Watch the trailer here!

Showdown is the second release from major Malaysian production house Grand Brilliance (GB), following last week’s hugely successful BoBoiBoy The Movie. GB last year put out three titles — Girlfriend Kontrak, Rembat and Love, Supermoon.

Showdown reaches cinemas 7 April 2016.

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