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Yasmin Ahmad Museum Kicks Off Inaugural Filmmakers Series With Liew Seng Tat!
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Yasmin Ahmad Museum Kicks Off Inaugural Filmmakers Series With Liew Seng Tat!

by The Daily SeniMarch 8, 2016

YASMIN AT KONG HENG will launch its Filmmakers Series this weekend with a screening of Liew Seng Tat‘s Lelaki Harapan Dunia!

For a humble fee of RM5, attendees will get to watch Lelaki Harapan Dunia and attend the Q&A session with Liew Seng Tat himself. Also due to make an appearance is film historian and critic Hassan Abd Muthalib.

The film was a big winner at Festival Filem Malaysia last year, eventually chosen as Malaysia’s representative to the 88th Academy Awards. Depicting a traditional angkat rumah ceremony, Seng Tat’s dark comedy was lauded by many for its offbeat depiction of rural Malaysia.


Aside from his experience working with the late, acclaimed filmmaker, Seng Tat was also involved in 15Malaysia, a series of short films by Malaysian filmmakers available online for free — 15Malaysia features Seng Tat’s Halal as well as Yasmin’s Chocolate.

The Yasmin Ahmad museum in Ipoh, established in October 2014, last nabbed headlines for seeking funding from the public in continuing its operations. It successfully collected US$19, 748 from crowdfunding platform Start Some Good.

In its manifesto, the museum claims it will not be an “archive of relics” from the filmmaker herself, but serve as a place of inspiration, and for visitors to see life through Yasmin’s eyes.

Filmmakers Series: Lelaki Harapan Dunia will take place on 2:00pm, March 12 at Yasmin At Kong Heng, 89-91, Old Block Apartments, Jalan Sultan Yussuf.

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