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People Are Noticing Anugerah Planet Muzik Again, According To Google Trends
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People Are Noticing Anugerah Planet Muzik Again, According To Google Trends

by Deric EctOctober 17, 2015

SEVERAL days ago, Anugerah Planet Muzik (APM) handed out its awards. The regional ceremony, created especially for artists engaged in the Malay and Indonesian language music world, largely recognizes artists from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

For a regional awards body dedicated exclusively to Malay music, one would expect a lot more fanfare with the entire thing — we’re talking top artists of the nusantara region in one place.

Aside from some polite, lackluster coverage in local and international media — newspaper The Star for example wrote of the nominations but hasn’t cared to announce any of the winners yet — this year’s APM pretty much skipped by merrily, mostly unnoticed by many. We still heard about it however, so that counts for something.

We wanted to understand the situation, so the only natural thing to do was to get help from Google and perform a quick search trend search. That’s right, a search trend search.

First of all, we wanted to know if APM was on its way up or down, so we checked out its search popularity in Malaysia.

This is a simple graph more or less detailing the number of times “Anugerah Planet Muzik” was looked up in Malaysia. APM was quite a big deal online back in 2005 but all that glory faded in subsequent years.

It’s similar but not quite the same in Singapore. Each APM on the island seems to be more or less as impactful as the last, especially after an initial boom in 2007.


By now we can observe that in both countries, 2015 showed a significant uptick in popularity. Would our neighbour further south yield the same pattern?


We observe that the Indonesians were relatively interested in 2008 and 2009, but awareness dipped in subsequent years.

How do all these amplitudes stack up against one another, given each country’s population and access to internet?


So does this mean Malaysia and Singapore are more into the entire thing? Bear in mind that Singapore has a population that’s approximately 1/6th the size of ours, which can mean that a significantly larger proportion of Singaporeans pay APM any heed. Indonesia, with its 255,000,000 residents, is relatively not as keen.

To help us compare more effectively, we tried to pit APM against Malaysia’s own Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL).


As expected, AJL has more online buzz year after year. This year’s APM however has definitely created a spike in interest.

What was done differently this year? Aside from nominating a Bruneian and a Filipino, we know that this year’s APM also tied in with Singapore’s 50th year of independence.

Still, just to put things further into perspective, try to consider that as big as AJL was last year, it only generated a fraction of interest on the internet when compared to ‘1MDB’, for example.


That was Google Trends, and we hope we interpreted the entire thing correctly.

Never played around with the fun, analytical tool? Consider that you now get to prove that your favourite actress Ayda Jebat is officially more popular on the internet than award-winning actress Nadiya Nisaa!

Anyway, this year marks Anugerah Planet Muzik’s 14th edition.

APM skipped one year back in 2010, citing inadequate preparation time and a low budget as reasons to cancel event, which was to be housed in Malaysia for the third time. Back then, the move also earned them some venom from members of the local Malay press the following year.

Selepas tidak berlangsung pada tahun lalu, Anugerah Planet Muzik (APM) yang merupakan majlis untuk mengiktiraf karya seni muzik serumpun dari Malaysia, Indonesia dan Singapura kembali lagi pada tahun ini.

Kali ini, APM bakal diadakan di Max Pavilion Singapore Expo, Singapura pada 15 Julai depan meskipun ramai yang menyangka majlis anugerah yang mula diadakan pada tahun 2000 itu telah berkubur.


Judging from the data, APM seems to have had a relatively good year in 2015; almost twice as many people this year were interested in the awards ceremony which took place at Suntec City Convention Centre, Singapore.

APM has a particular affinity for Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza, who also dominated this year in terms of nominations. Having won Best Female Artist six times at the awards, Siti won this year’s award for Best Collaboration, thanks to her work with Cakra Khan on “Seluruh Cinta”.

Also making Malaysia proud at the event was Faizal Tahir, who won Best Song for “Assalamualaikum”, and Elizabeth Tan, who took home Best New Female Artist for her work on “Knock-Knock”. Both acts currently appear on collaborative ballad “Setia”, which has been taking over airwaves at present.

Is APM on its way back into public awareness? Is there hope for the awards ceremony to reach mainstream consciousness across all Malay-language territories? Will Malaysia ever again play host to the ceremony?

Make sure to leave a comment if you know something we don’t.

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