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You Might Be Interested In The New Live Action ‘Upin & Ipin’ Movie
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You Might Be Interested In The New Live Action ‘Upin & Ipin’ Movie

by Maira ZamriFebruary 3, 2016

Les’ Copaque and KRU Studios recently revealed their latest collaboration, upcoming children’s film Upin & Ipin: Jeng Jeng Jeng.

An ode to movies such as Cinta Kura-kura (2012) and The Smurfs (2011), the film adopts live-action techniques — a first for the franchise and for Malaysian animation.

Les’ Copaque’s first Upin & Ipin feature film was released back in 2009 and was the country’s first 3D animated film.

Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula gained RM2.3 million in it’s first week of cinematic release, ending up with over RM6.2 million by the end of it’s run. The movie was also released in neighbouring country, Indonesia.

For this latest addition to the Upin & Ipin franchise, Les’ Copaque has collaborated with KRU Studios (Duyung, MagikaCicak Man). In fact, KRU Studios — led by brothers Norman Abdul Halim, Edry Abdul Halim and Yusry Abdul Halim — produced Cinta Kura-kura back in 2012.

balqis menangis

Upin & Ipin: Jeng Jeng Jeng tells the story of Aqish, played by 2014 Anugerah Skrin award winner, Puteri Balqis. Aqish is an orphan, and cartoon characters Upin and Ipin are her imaginary friends.

One day, Aqish finds out that her orphanage is going to be sold off because of accumulated debt. Aqish super sleuths her way through this situation and manages to get help from a seasoned rocker, portrayed by real-life Malaysian rockstar and actor, Awie.

His solution to the problem is to organise a concert to raise enough money and get the orphanage back. To market the event, Aqish tells everyone that her friends Upin and Ipin will show up.

But will her imaginary friends really make an appearance? You’ll just have to watch the movie to find out!

balqis menari

Jeng Jeng Jeng was directed by Erma Fatima, who told KRUniverse that this was a learning experience — it was her first time handling CGI and incorporating non-existent actors on film.

Expect local stars like Remy Ishak, Sara Ali and Gambit Saifullah to pop up throughout the film too!

As of today, no official date has been stated by Les’ Copaque or KRU studios of the film’s release. We know it’s coming soon, though. In the meantime, enjoy this teaser recently released by Les’ Copaque on their YouTube channel.

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