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This Facebook Group Is Putting On A ‘People’s Merdeka Exhibition’ And It’s Getting Much More Attention Than Any Other Merdeka-Themed Event This Year
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This Facebook Group Is Putting On A ‘People’s Merdeka Exhibition’ And It’s Getting Much More Attention Than Any Other Merdeka-Themed Event This Year

by Deric EctSeptember 2, 2015

We last spoke about the Malaysian Heritage And History Club (MHHC) in an article from July, when we found the amazing Sofia Jane freely posting in the group, answering fan questions. They’re a non-registered entity with over 10,000 members (most of which are notable public figures in the creative scene) and they’re organising their own event this weekend!

These guys will be hosting the People’s Merdeka Exhibition from 5 – 6 September and like the rest of their events, this one too will be entirely funded by the members themselves. According to MHHC, there will be “NO speeches, NO opening ceremony, NO VIPs: Only us Malaysians”.

This picture we found on their event page explains it better.


For an unregistered group, these guys have done pretty well on the publicity front! Aside from being contacted by TV3 and BFM, they’ve also been featured on Poskod.my and TimeOutKL.

If you’ve been jaded or simply tired of being Malaysian in recent years, here’s a chance to meet some sincere, genuine people of the land who may just revitalise your love for a country ravaged by dirty politics.

It’s all really quite brilliant; these guys will be actively promoting Malaysian culture, but the type we’ve actually lived through and cherished. We advise everyone to go and check things out to have a sense what real Malaysia is (and was) about; there’s none of that citrawarna, politically-endorsed depiction of Malaysia here.

At MHHC, they’re quite an interesting and somewhat zany bunch.

To put it simply, there will be a workshop on traditional games, spearheaded by Rachel Loke, while Zafrani Arifin will be showcasing some artifacts in a segment titled Kelantan History of World War II. According to MHHC founder Bert Tan, Zafrani will also be demonstrating how to use a metal detector!

Documentary photographer and filmmaker Mahen Bala in the meantime will be sharing never-before-seen photographs taken on his mobile phone (no, not naughty ones) and he’ll be talking to us about his encounters with various interesting foods, people and customs from around the country. We also have a special Kuala Lumpur, Now And Then showcase of photographs taken by Mohd Radzi Jamaludin.


These are just a few examples; the exhibition has a lot more going on (there’s even a booth dedicated to the history of Kajang!) and we advise all to pay them a visit. You can also look at the full program via their Facebook event page!

Oh, and one more thing. Admission to every item on the list is free. Thank you MHHC.

The Malaysian Heritage And History Club will be presenting the People’s Merdeka Exhibition from 11am to 6pm this weekend, 5 – 6 September at Badan Warisan, No. 2, Jalan Stonor, Kuala Lumpur. Admission is free to all events!

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