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These Were The Four ‘International’ Boys From Rebelstar Records Who Performed At AGNI KL 2015
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These Were The Four ‘International’ Boys From Rebelstar Records Who Performed At AGNI KL 2015

by Tharany M.July 13, 2015

Presented by Cine Ulagam in association with Rebelstar Records, AGNI KL 2015 took place this Sunday, 12 July 2015, at Chin Woo Indoor Stadium, Kuala Lumpur. Five finalists made up of university and college dance teams put their hearts and souls on the stage in order to be crowned as the AGNI Champions of 2015.

agni_kl_02Audiences didn’t only get to see new, upcoming talent but they also got to see performances from local favorites such as Psycho.Unit, Stylomannavan, Balan Kashmir, Mash Supremacy, Switch LockUp, DJ Mastermind and Precious Michael.

There were international acts as well, namely MC SAI, TeeJay, Kutti Hari and Public Enemies. Ladies, you are welcome to feast your eyes on all these handsome Indian men.

We all know our local boys quite well, so we’ve decided to introduce these international boys who are currently captivating many young girls including our very own Malaysian tamilachi!



Source: MC SAI FB page


Heard of this nationwide icon of a Tamil rapper?

Introducing… (drum roll) MC SAI. Born on the 22nd of June 1991 and raised Srilanka till the age of three, MC SAI moved to Germany in 1994 due to the civil war in Srilanka. He soon shifted to the UK in 1999 where his destiny in music awaited.

When he was fifteen, MC SAI was grew up in a community where rap and hip-hop was the majority’s choice. He came up with the idea of combining his love for his mother tongue with his passion for hip-hop and rap beats and this caught the attention of music producer Santhors. MC SAI’s phenomenal music and brilliant ideas convinced Santhors that MC SAI had great potential.

At the age of sixteen, he had an album released on Rebelstar Records, and he became the youngest Tamil rapper to release an album. His efforts paid off well; he now features for many artistes, working on songs of various genre for all types of listeners.



Source: TeeJay FB page

This writer remembers the day when girls went gaga about a certain “Muttu Muttu” song, not forgetting they were charmed by the singer’s charming looks as well.

Tejeenthan Arunasalam, known as TeeJay, is a Tamil RnB singer well known for his catchy melody and lyrics.

When TeeJay signed onto Rebelstar Records, he released “Muttu Muttu” as his first mainstream single. He later released his second single titled “Aasai” which received a million views (and counting) on YouTube. To potential fans, don’t forget to hear his song “Bommei” too, we dare say it’s pretty good.

Kutti Hari


Source: Kutti Hari FB page

Srihari Murugapathmarajah is better known as Kutti Hari (luckily he has an easy stage name). He was born on 23 August 1990 in Germany, and he followed into his father’s  and grandfather’s footsteps, starting acting at the age of six.

In early 2003, he moved to the UK and was spotted by a girl who asked him to act in a staging for a TYO show. He started off with a small part and eventually proved that he had what it took to play the main role. He soon became famous for his work. What was that people say about a lady behind every man’s success?

He later signed with Rebelstar Records who found him after a few shows. He became the first London-based Tamil stand-up comedian from Europe. Give this guy a couple of minutes and he will have a comedy sketch done for you. 

Public Enemies


Source: Public Enemies FB page

Public Enemies is a British-Tamil dance group signed under Rebelstar Record. These four boys (Gapi, Rahul, Anthu and Presh) tour all around the world performing dance, but aside from that we don’t know that much about them, to be honest. Instead, go and keep track of these fit boys via their Facebook and Youtube accounts.

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