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These Malaysians Look Good Enough To Eat!
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These Malaysians Look Good Enough To Eat!

by Maira ZamriJanuary 26, 2016

The Rojak Projek was first initiated by visual artist Lim Sheng Feiyan in March 2015, and has since snowballed into something larger than its creators could have imagined.

Aiming to bring Malaysian food to the next level, it quickly gained an impressive following on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Its crew of more than 10 people used Malaysian food to recreate portraits of attendees taken at a series of Rojak Parties. Malaysians of various culture, religion and race came together and enjoyed some rojak while taking turns having their portraits done. At least 60 artworks were born!

The project’s main intention is to bring Malaysians together and embrace our differences — instead of ignoring them like how we’ve been taught. These yummy portraits use every kind of dish you could imagine, from kuih to kuey teow and even drinks like sirap bandung and Neslo.

Malaysian food takes it to the next level and we Malaysians know it! Our food has always been the gesture of peace which allows us to sit, eat and enjoy each other’s company despite our differences. It is our differences that makes us unique.

— The Rojak Projek, Facebook

This movement might be a small one, but it’s created an impact on all who’ve paid attention. Many have expressed their gratitude and well wishes to the team for bringing forth such beautiful artworks, and we hope the rest of Malaysia take notice.



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The lovely team comprises of these wonderful and dedicated Malaysians: Rachel Lee, Jonathan Cool, Belveen Singh, Melissa Tan, Rachelle Gan, Jannah Sani, Tabitha Xavier, Alisha Jackson, Chua Vui Chuan, Kenny Wang, Johnathan Ng, Ahmad Faliq Fauzi and Wening Cheah.

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