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There’s A Film Omnibus Involving Sara Ali, Azman Hassan, Amir Muhammad And Amerul Affendi Coming Next Week!
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There’s A Film Omnibus Involving Sara Ali, Azman Hassan, Amir Muhammad And Amerul Affendi Coming Next Week!

by Deric EctSeptember 7, 2015

That’s right guys, there’s an explosion of talent coming soon to Youtube and it’s called Nadia Ngidam Cili!

But first, we really need to do some shameless name-dropping. Junad Md. Nor, Razaisyam Rashid, Beto Kusyairy, Razaisyam Rashid, Liyana Jasmay, Azhan Rani, Jay Iswazir… The list goes on. Nadia Ngidam Cili is a short film trilogy based on Malaysian short stories (picked from Fixi, Lejen Press and Dubook Press) that is due for release on Youtube soon so it goes without saying lah that this will be free to all.


The absolutely gorgeous Sara Ali plays Nadia!

According to producer Razaisyam Rashid (CEO), the project also serves as a sort of “talent showcase” which will introduce fresh, new directors as well as directors of photography to the film scene. Premiering on 14 September at Cathay E-Curve, Nadia Ngidam Cili is made up of three different short films, namely Nadia, Ngidam and Cili.

First up is Nadia, an adaptation of the titular story from #CeritaSeram. Starring Beto Kusyairy, Azhan Rani, Sara Ali, Jay Izwazir and Zaidi Omar, the story revolves around Jarr, who has the ability to see things from the other realm. He’s a curious sort of chap, and one day he finds out that his close friend Hisham still lives with Nadia, Hisham’s wife.

Strangely enough, Nadia had already passed away a year ago, so Jarr tries to convince Hisham to move on. This doesn’t sit well with Hisham who ends up feeling betrayed and as a consequence, Jarr now has to deal with Hisham’s grief and the ghost of Nadia!

Sara Ali, guys! She plays the dead Nadia! If you weren’t in awe with her red carpet look at Festival Filem Malaysia ke-27 last weekend, here’s another chance to be wowed by the young actress. Like a chameleon, Sara has proven that she can adapt her look and persona to any project and we cannot wait to see her in this Muzammer Rahman-directed piece!


Liyana Jasmay plays a slightly nutty wife in Ngidam.

Then we have Ngidam, taken from Lejen’s Dabel Date. Starring Amerul Affendi and Liyana Jasmay, this one tells the tale of a father-to-be who refuses to accept his wife’s craving for a 50″ LED television!

With each passing day, Rashid grows more and more puzzled by his wife, who becomes more and more aggressive with her demand. Unable to satisfy her request, the couple undergoes some sort of domestic chaos sparked by the spurned wife.

This short film is directed by Junad Md. Nor, daughter of the amazing Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid – also known as the great Malaysian cartoonist Lat. Junad has been steadily making a name for herself in the film industry; her short film Odah was featured as part of the Ikal Mayang film project two years ago.

Last of the lot is Cili, directed by Edward Chee Boon. This whimsical story was taken from Fixi’s Cerpen Nadia Khan, and it stars Azman Hassan as protagonist Pak Rabu.

Before we tell you something about Cili, we’d like to spare a few words for Azman Hassan. This lovely, humble bloke with a lovely work ethic is perhaps the most-underrated actor of our time – he has appeared in countless film projects by big and small names locally and internationally. In some cruel twist of fate, Azman has yet to become a household name.


Wonderful, talented human being Azman Hassan stars in Cili!

Cili is about Pak Rabu, owner of a popular nasi lemak stall. His food is known to be popular in the village due to his high quality ingredients; his nasi lemak is basically damn good lah. One day, he runs out of his usual supply of chillies, so he goes on a journey in search of the right type of chillies and face all sorts of difficulties for the sake of producing top-quality nasi lemak.

Nadia Ngidam Cili boasts filmmaker, author and father or Fixi Amir Muhammad, founder of Dubook Press Mutalib Uthman, and creator of Lejen Press Aisa Linglung as its executive producers. In essence, we’ve got the creme of the crop of the indie publishing scene in one single project.


We really love the sound of it all; locally there’s just not enough collaboration happening between different sectors of the arts, and this sounds like one heck of a way to further connect the film and publishing scenes.

That’s basically all the details we have on the project for now, but keep an eye out for more details and images coming soon.

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