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Review: The Weight of Silk on Skin (Monday Show Entertainment, 2016)
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Review: The Weight of Silk on Skin (Monday Show Entertainment, 2016)

by Deric EctFebruary 27, 2016

Monday Show Entertainment quietly dazzles in debuting Huzir’s script at the local black box, but John’s heart seems elsewhere.


Premiering in Malaysia five years after first stealing breath in Singapore, Huzir Sulaiman‘s intimate, enthrallingly adult look at a man continues to charm, titillate and mend. Conjuring the delightful, solitary John Au Yong as an alpha male, director Richard Chua reaches out on a wider scale by investing in the emotional core of John’s journey. Most-successfully realising Richard’s vision is set designer Waylon Ling, who thoughtfully mounts the story onto a Dieter Rams turntable. John at times seems untouched by the weight of his own words in this latest incarnation — occasionally haphazard with his diction — but he looks absolutely fantastic in his Ted Baker suit, and so does every other sleekly-designed item within his reach. Tugging heartstrings under cold, blue light as he longingly caresses a sleek, shimmering number on a mannequin, some of John’s faults are forgiven by the end of the night. But he’s still got work to do if he wants Anna back.



The Weight of Silk on Skin runs from 26 – 28 February 2016 at the Damansara Performing Arts Centre. Directed by Richard Chua, this latest staging stars and is produced by Dominic Lucien Luk.

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