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The Daily Seni Has Arrived In Cannes (Again)!
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The Daily Seni Has Arrived In Cannes (Again)!

by Deric EctMay 13, 2015

This year’s Cannes International Film Festival has Ingrid Bergman smiling above everything at the main hub, The Palais de Festival.

Today is officially the first day of this year’s edition of the Cannes International Film Festival and The Daily Seni is here to tell our readers a little bit about what’s going on at the moment. We were privileged to cover last year’s gala as well, and this year is no different in that it still looks and feels like the world’s most prestigious.

Day 1 – The Palais de Festival

Right now we are somewhere not too far away from the Palais de Festival.

The palais is where The Daily Seni team will be spending most of their time. Here is where the screenings and conferences happen; this is the very nexus of the entire festival.

Seeing as it’s still a little early in the morning, the French are still getting their shit together. The red carpets are being rolled out and this is no mean feat. It’s a job requiring four men and a hefty amount of time. We stood there for a while, went to have a walk, came back and saw that the guys have managed to cover five steps of stairs during that time.
There are gorgeous people everywhere taking photos, getting their photos taken, helping take photos and being amused by people taking photos. And then of course, there are the photographers who’ve set up shop on the divider in the middle of the road waiting to take photos of those worthy of having their photos taken.

Elsewhere, swathes of plastic and foam are being removed from the inner sanctums of the palais, specifically from the little pavilions in the basement.

In fact, the palais isn’t even open yet at the moment so we’ll just have to settle in at a cafe nearby and just wait eagerly for our day to officially begin. We visited the place yesterday during registration and even then it was quite a spectacle. For now we’re just letting the good red carpet men finish their important job.

We’ll be heading to the basement soon to scope out what exactly is going on deep down the palais. From what we’ve heard, there’s a Cicakman poster in a corner somewhere…

Vibes of anticipation have started to kick in as world press announce their Cannes festival must-see lists. Exciting times. Check in with you all later, dear readers!

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