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The Chinese Are Now Coming Up With Knock-Offs Of Fallen Angels
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The Chinese Are Now Coming Up With Knock-Offs Of Fallen Angels

by Tharany M.August 4, 2015

It’s been about a week since pictures of a fallen angel have been circulating on social media.

Many argue that it’s all untrue and the photos were shopped, yet there are quarters convinced that this heralds a new age for civilization.

Well, what can we say? It all looks so real, even we had second thoughts about the issue.


Angel is piece of extraordinary sculpture created in 2008 by Sun Yuan and Peng Yu which recently returned to the consciousness of many once again, thanks to the internet. The fiberglass angel sculpture comes complete with flesh-covered wings, white hair, and horrifyingly realistic skin with details like wrinkles, sunspots, and peach fuzz.


Prior to this, Yuan and Yu have made headlines for using organic materials like human fat tissue, live animals, and baby cadavers. Gross! We know however that Angel contains no such matter (at least that’s what they’re telling us!).

Both artists have also created an installation called Old Persons Home in 2007, consisting of 13 life-sized sculptures placed in a dynamo-powered wheelchair.


View more of their works on their website!



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