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Taufiq Kamal’s Reflective ‘Terbit 23’ Launches This Year’s BMW Shorties
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Taufiq Kamal’s Reflective ‘Terbit 23’ Launches This Year’s BMW Shorties

by Wendi SiaOctober 29, 2015

KICKING off this year’s BMW Shorties 2015 is the premiere of Terbit 23, the latest BMW Shorties production by 2014 grand prize winner Taufiq Kamal. Last year, Taufiq won the RM75, 000 production grant with his short film Rozita binti Roslan.

Given its inception 9 years ago, BMW Shorties is the longest-running short film competition in Malaysia. This year’s competition, simple themed Change, is aimed at challenging creativity in communicating changes through the expression of a short film.

“The BMW Shorties program is our way of supporting the arts and to identify film talent in Malaysia,” said Sashi Ambi, Head of Corporate Communications of BMW Group Malaysia.

Adding on to that is Alan Harris, Managing Director & CEO of BMW Group Malaysia who stated, “The BMW Shorties was introduced as a platform to discover budding Malaysian filmmakers and to push the boundaries of their film making abilities for them be recognised for it.”

BMW 03

The cast and crew of Terbit 23 with Taufiq Kamal, Alan Harris and Sashi Ambi.

Meanwhile, star of the night Taufiq informed us that he is pleased with the outcome of his short film.

“I’m really satisfied and really happy. My production team gave 110 percent and there is no other way I would want to portray or finish the short film,” beamed Taufiq.

Terbit 23 tells the story of Aditya, a struggling writer who finds himself in a state of flux when he meets Airis.

BTS Terbit 23 (1)

From left: Director Taufiq Kamil, Bianca Li Wei Brand as Airis, and Dali Bin Abdul Azis as Aditya.

According to Taufiq, terbit reflects the sunrise while 23 represents the number of days Aditya and Airis spent together.

The 17-minute short film explores perspectives on the significance of life and in Taufiq’s own words is about “finding your inner voice, your muse, as well as the self-reflection of life”. Watch the trailer here.

BTS Terbit 23 (4)

Taufiq used mirrors as a backdrop as Aditya and Airis talk about self-reflection.

BTS Terbit 23 (7)

Taufiq informed us that the use of yellow in this scene is to portray envy and jealousy because Aditya is questioning his relationship with Airis.

BTS Terbit 23 (6)

This really captivating scene sees Aditya and Airis discussing fate and destiny.

The BMW Shorties 2015 competition is currently open for entries until Monday, November 2nd 2015. For further information regarding the BMW Shorties and how to participate, visit the official BMW Shorties website at www.bmwshorties.com.my or the official BMW Shorties Facebook page at www.facebook.com/bmwshorties

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