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Siti Nordiana’s 14-Year Old Song Makes Top 10 On Weekly Digital Sales Chart
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Siti Nordiana’s 14-Year Old Song Makes Top 10 On Weekly Digital Sales Chart

by The Daily SeniNovember 20, 2015

Australian company MusicWeekly Asia, which compiles digital sales data across Southeast Asia, reports that Achik & Nana‘s “Memori Berkasih” reached #10 on its Malaysian singles chart. It was the highest-selling local song of the past week and is just one of three entries on the chart.

Originally recorded in 2001, the ballad was a collaboration between pop singer Siti Nordiana and Achik from local boyband Spin. Achik, born Abdillah Murad bin Md. Shari, passed away in 2010 in a road accident, putting an end to Achik & Nana.

On 9 November, the song was performed on reality singing competition Gegar Vaganza by Siti Nordiana with Lan (real name Mohd Razlan Mohamed Yusof) from pop rock band Kristal. The performance was well-received on the show and may be responsible for the song’s resurgence in popularity.


The original music video to “Memori Berkasih” has also quickly gained traction recently.

Siti Nordiana is a pop singer from Negeri Sembilan who rose to fame at the age of 15 after the success of her debut single “Cinta Hanya Sandaran” and a string of collaborations with Achik.

Active from 1999 till the end of the previous decade, Siti Nordiana is only 30 and is currently experiencing a revival in interest thanks to her participation in Gegar Vaganza.

MusicWeekly Asia provides “the most comprehensive digital music charts from the Southeast Asia” and is the primary source of singles charts in the region.

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