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Scare Yourselves Tonight: The First Door of Horrors Is About To Open!
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Scare Yourselves Tonight: The First Door of Horrors Is About To Open!

by Wendi SiaOctober 5, 2015

DOGHOUSE73 PICTURES is back with short horror trilogy 3 Doors of Horrors, with the first of its three short films to be released at 9pm on YouTube tonight!

Now in its third edition, 3 Doors of Horrors started off as a project to select three young and upcoming filmmakers to each direct a short horror film. According to Doghouse73’s James Lee, 3 Doors of Horrors provides a platform for budding filmmakers to showcase their talents.

James added that he chose the horror genre because, “no matter how bad it is, people would still watch it”.

Since its conception in 2013, the horror omnibus has featured directors Edmund Yeo, Ng Ken Kin, and Leroy Low in its first edition; and Blackcat, Sidney Chan, and Leroy Low in its second edition.

3 Doors if Horrors 2015 Posters

This year’s installment of 3 Doors of Horrors is set to thrill!

This year’s line-up includes 1, 2, 3 by Zeacht Liew, Stay With Me by Kenny Gan, and Phyu Phyu by Ving Lee. Each director was given two days to shoot his short film. With the tight 48-hour deadline, pre-production was put on priority. The budget is below RM10, 000 for each short film.

Last Sunday, The Daily Seni was invited to attend the premiere of 3 Doors of Horrors at The Content Malaysia Pitching Centre!

Our personal favourite is Phyu Phyu for its gritty and realistic yet stylistic approach which reminded us of films like Songlap and Ophillia. We love that the story contextualises recent socio-political events — we won’t tell you how exactly, it’s up to you to watch and find out!

The lead role is helmed by the brilliant Azman Hassan, who holds a recurring role as security guard in every 3 Doors of Horrors film.

Phyu Phyu On Set 2

Phyu Phyu stars lovely Malaysian actor Azman Hassan!

If you’re wondering why there are no female directors for all three editions, James explained that he is constantly on the lookout for fresh, young talents, while looking to diversify his selected filmmakers as well as expanding to include Singaporean filmmakers. His hope is that 3 Doors of Horros will develop into a brand of indie horror filmmaking.

Meanwhile, other projects of Doghouse73 Pictures this year include The Incredibly Strange Tale of the Man Who Lost His Love But Bought It Back With A Packet Of Rice by Gavin Yap; a collaboration with FIXI to produce an anthology of short films with directors Malek Hue, Khai Bahar, and Jon Cho (We Jun); and Room 2046 as an homage to Wong Kar Wai which will feature 5 directors producing a five-minute short film each.

You can watch the previous and latest 3 Doors of Horrors films on Youtube, exclusively via Doghouse73 Pictures!

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