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Remember Reshmonu? Well, He’s Resh Now And His Music Is Being Noticed In The US!
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Remember Reshmonu? Well, He’s Resh Now And His Music Is Being Noticed In The US!

by Tania KnuttNovember 25, 2015

LADIES and gents, you can now say au revoir to the “monu” and the cornrows and simply call him Resh the next time you see him. In case you haven’t got it, we’re talking about the Malaysian R&B singer formerly-known as Reshmonu.

Resh took a brief hiatus since his last release in 2012, but is back with a new sound and track. “Half The Man” was released back in October and has already been noticed by the North American Digital Radio Tracker (DRT).

It has thus far reached #146 on the DRT National Airplay Top 200, #16 on the DRT National Airplay Top 80 Independent chart, and just two weeks after its release in the US has gone up to #9 on the DRT National Airplay Top 50 R&B/Hip-Hop Chart.


Just look at that transformation! Like whaaaat!! Image taken from autoworld & getmuscicasia.

Based off an interview through the phone that Resh had done with The Star, he was quite ecstatic about his achievement — but then again, who wouldn’t be?

“You can imagine my excitement when the song made it to the charts so quickly. I’m still just coming to terms with it. When you listen to music today, everything is very EDM-based (electronic dance music) but I think people are still looking for R&B and soulful ballads,” Resh quoted.

The DRT is a monitoring service that tracks radio airplay of songs from more than 7000 radio stations worldwide. “Half The Man” showing up on DRT’s radar means the song is making its way onto well-known radio stations across North American territories including Radio One, AOL Radio, CBS Radio — the song has even been picked up by an Italian radio station, Vittek Tape.

Resh’s success comes after local pop band Paper Planepursuit stroke of luck when they appeared on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 Indicator Chart and stayed in for six weeks. 

Have a listen to Resh’s “Half The Man” and tell us what you think.

‘Half The Man’ A Yay Or Nay

Yay, to the new look and the song is legit good
Nay, miss the sounds and cornrows of the ol’ Reshmonu


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