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Ralph Lauren’s SS15 Collection Is An Adventurous Affair
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Ralph Lauren’s SS15 Collection Is An Adventurous Affair

by Naressa KhanSeptember 17, 2014

Playing up the Indiana Jones vibes is Ralph Lauren’s Spring/Summer 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection. Recently showcased at New York Fashion Week, the collection boasts an abundance of khaki and earth-toned hues juxtaposed with unexpected punches of neon.

Who would have thought that “Indian safari” and “high-end glamor” would ever cross paths, but of course the designer would have us proved wrong. The smart collision of the themes can be seen with the rugged, steady silhouettes cut out of smooth and silky materials. Suddenly, adventure gears don’t feel so out of style.

Boxy flap pockets and epaulettes adorn silky gowns belted at the waist. Safari jackets feature sturdy collars that stand out when popped. Even the apparel otherwise known as the US Army M65 takes for a glamorous turn in a bright poppy red semi-sheer material laced by fluro-tinted lime.

The highlight was the final appearance of two twisted tulle evening dresses and a khaki tulle-and-jewel skirt, because even action heroines need to feel beautiful. The entire collection, as Luke Leitch of The Telegraph UK would sum it, projects to mind the image of “Indiana Jones bearing off the spoils of a successful treasure hunt”.

In just a tweet, Ralph Lauren explained that the SS15 collection possess the “spirit of a romantic safari emboldened by luminous colors played against the heritage of pure khakis” and that collaborative craftsmanship and the fine details it incurs is what made this latest vision of his possible.

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