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Ralph Lauren’s Iconic Polo T-Shirt Gets Smart
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Ralph Lauren’s Iconic Polo T-Shirt Gets Smart

by Naressa KhanAugust 26, 2014

The combination of technology and fashion has become increasingly trendy and casually wearable these days. The incorporation of the smartphone mechanism has been implemented in the likes of watches, eyewear and even jewelry these days to make us fitter and our schedules smoother. The only thing we haven’t yet seen is smart clothing.

But of course, that’s about to change thanks to the magic that is Ralph Lauren. Leading the future assemblies of luxurious apparels that could possibly remind us our health levels when worn is the Polo Tech smart shirt, whose first prototypes were tested on the honorable men of the 2014 US Open, one of which being a certain Marcos Giron of the Intercollegiate Tennis Assocation.

Birthed from the collaborative partnership between the all-American brand and smartwear enterprise OMSignal, the smart shirt tracks our activities, energy output, heart rate and respiration.

“The shirt is the sensor,” enthused Stephane Marceau, CEO of OMSignal. “We capture what we call the ‘ABC’ of health and wellness. A is for activity, movement… B is for breathing, C is for Cardiac.”

While the Polo Tech smart shirt looks like your everyday workout jersey shirt, it’s definitely more than that because lo and behold… it’s smart! Apart from the biometric sensor unit, the shirt also possesses Bluetooth transmitter, accelerometer and gyroscope banded around the chest.  OMsignal, whose team includes neuroscience experts, sports medicine and engineering, explained that the data collected by the shirt is stored by a seamed “black box” and later accessed via a mobile app.

The first of its kind, we say the Polo Tech smart shirt definitely puts onto the map the world’s direction towards a savvier fashion industry. Who knows if one day this is workable for high-fashion too?

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