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Putar Belit Ep 3: ‘Bersendirian Berhad’- Bayangan
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Putar Belit Ep 3: ‘Bersendirian Berhad’- Bayangan

by Zim AhmadiOctober 9, 2018

In episode three of Putar Belit – a series where we talk about local albums, with no regard to genre, and overthink them – our editor tries to play the guitar with subpar success while reviewing an album by new neo-folk artist, Bayangan.

Bayangan is the moniker for Fikri Fadzil, who is one of the founders of Southeast Asia’s best online alternative and independent music channel of the 2010s, The Wknd Sessions. Earlier this year, he released his album ‘Bersendirian Berhad’ – an ode to modernity, isolation, sadness and acceptance. The first single he released from the album, ‘Kuala Lumpur‘ was featured in a VANS documentary on veteran skateboarder Pa’din Musa.

The kind of music brought about by Bayangan might be somber at the surface, but stumbles deeper into more emotions the more you listen to it. The album is produced by Faiz Fadzil, whose engineering enriches the cavernous melancholy of Bersendirian Berhad. We had an insightful interview with Bayangan that you can check out here.

Listen to us ramble about Bayangan’s latest album! Tell us what you think of the album, and what album should we talk about next?

Listen to Bersendirian Berhad in full:

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