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Pride By Jovian Mandagie For Zalora: A Fashionable Cause
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Pride By Jovian Mandagie For Zalora: A Fashionable Cause

by Naressa KhanNovember 11, 2014

Fashion and charity. Who knew they would compliment each other like a dream? Zalora Malaysia’s managing director Giulio Xiloyannis and famed fashion designer Jovian Mandagie must have guessed the winning formula for a long time ago, because their recent collaboration is solid than ever.

PRIDE by Jovian Mandagie for ZALORA, launched via a fashion show at Publika Solaris Dutamas’ Black Box MAP last November 7, gives us an insight into a realm where clothes are pretty for a cause, and not just because. The collection, brought to you by Bank Simpanan Nasional, features 18 looks that incorporate the symbolic pink ribbon in support of breast cancer awareness.

The collection highlights an extensive array of floaty chiffon blouses, skirt and dresses embellished with the significant detailing of the pink ribbon. Each pastel-coloured designer piece bears a price tag between RM200 to RM400. While not everyone may relate to the overall flamboyant style presented on the runway, it’s undeniable that it would symbolically give a much needed comfort to those affected by breast cancer and its consequent physical and mental implications.

“It’s an honour for ZALORA to host this fashion show. We are truly inspired by the survivors and we anticipate great support from the public,” said Xiloyannis,

The director also adds that ZALORA aims to raise RM150 000 for the cause. All profits made from the PRIDE collection will be channelled completed into Pink Ribbon Deeds (PRIDE) Foundation to help support their research and treatment efforts for breast cancer patients. Neither his establishment nor the designer’s will be making any profits from the launch.

“We seek to generate as much awareness as possible for PRIDE’s noble cause. Both myself and Jovian are proud to have been given the chance to invest our time and abilities into something far more important than mere everyday business,” continued Xiloyannis.

The fashion show was not only attended by invited celebrities but was also graced by the inspiring presence of some of PRIDE’s breast cancer survivors who Mandagie refers to as “strong spirits” who inspired his collection that he said is “the perfect representation to show how tough women can be.”

PRIDE chairman Dato’ Azrene Abdullah also couldn’t contain her pride and joy over the collection launch and what it means for her foundation. “Breast cancer affects 1 in every 19 of all the important women in our lives. This is why support from noble corporations such as from ZALORA, Jovian Mandagie and Bank Simpanan Nasional is important and would go a long way in creating more awareness and education for early detection,” she beamed.

PRIDE Collection by Jovian Mandagie for ZALORA is now available on ZALORA (www.zalora.com.my) as well as in Jovian boutiques.

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