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Spoiler Alert: We Watched ‘Kapsul’, Here Are Our Thoughts
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Spoiler Alert: We Watched ‘Kapsul’, Here Are Our Thoughts

by Wendi SiaSeptember 13, 2015

Kapsul created a lot of hype when it was announced that our former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad would be making a special appearance in the film. That news had us quite amused because wow, it seems like politicians are everywhere these days – even on the silver screen!


The charming Faizal Hussein in his Mission Impossible suit.

Naturally, we couldn’t wait to catch the premiere of the film, plus let’s not forget it stars Faizal Hussein (who did so brilliantly in Bunohan)and also seemed to have a super promising premise. Kapsul follows the journey of Zohri (Faizal Hussein) who travels back in time to the year 1942 and moves along our historical timeline during the period of pre-independence struggle.

Have we caught your attention? Yes, it’s not often we are served with historical sci-fi by our film industry.

When we saw the trailer, we felt it was a bit of a letdown but we told our cynical selves to give this film a chance. Keep an open mind, because it could very well catch us by surprise like Kami Histeria and Dollah Superstar.

The invitation for the premiere finally arrived: we showed up, had some good food, and took our seats in the cinema. The film began, and five seconds in we went brain dead.

At one moment, Zohri uses some sort of hologram device to research what he has to steal, a la James Bond and Mission Impossible.

Gosh, the CGI doesn’t quite work… It can seem like a student’s effort at times.

Whenever the characters speak, we cannot help but cringe a bit. The music didn’t help either.

The sound mixing is very poor, and why are there only two pieces in the score? The same music is playing again!

In the film, Zohri jumps from one Prime Minister’s era to another and we thought there were too many characters but too little time to get to know them.

Okay, we know that you are trying to pull at our heartstrings but really, there is no proper establishing of Zohri’s world and the lives of the villagers so no matter how much tears and wailing you give us, we’re not going to be able to relate to the anguish on screen because you’re not making these characters personal to the audience.


Not so sure if these are authentic Japanese. Most probably not.

When the Japanese soldiers show up at the village and start questioning the ketua kampung.

We’re pretty sure the Japanese don’t speak this way…?

If we pay close attention to the dialogue, we have difficulty coping with the handling of the subject matter.

Isn’t this film supposed to mengangkat detik-detik sejarah? People might not take this film seriously with the amount of ridiculous humour in the dialogues. We’re confused too; is this a historical drama or a comedy?

And we also felt there were too many speeches about sacrifice and needing to fight for our land.

Sorry, but this is starting to turn into an extended version of a Merdeka ad.

Lastly, we get to when Zohri has repented and decides not to hand over the stolen kapsul because he realises no amount of money is worth the message within the time capsule. This is followed by flashbacks of his time travelling experience:

Oh… It’s the CGI again. Oh no.

That’s about it.

But do we really have nothing good to say? Okay, we do love that Kapsul tries to instill history in its narrative. A break from gangster and horror films felt pretty liberating.

But after hearing that this is a film that cost RM2.3 million, we expected better quality – if not in terms of storytelling, at least with the audio and visual side of things. Despite that, we aren’t discouraging anyone from watching it; make sure to share your thoughts with us after you do, we might be wrong!

Kapsul opens nationwide on 17 September! Be sure to catch it and let us know what you think.

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