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One Week Left Until KL48HFP: Judging Panel Dish Out Advice!
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One Week Left Until KL48HFP: Judging Panel Dish Out Advice!

by Wendi SiaNovember 8, 2015

IT’S just week before the kickoff of the Kuala Lumpur 48 Hour Film Project 2015 (KL48HFP) weekend from 13 to 15 November at Encorp Strand Mall. Thus far, 34 teams have registered to participate in the timed-challenge film competition!

Last Saturday, KL48HFP held a Meet & Greet session with its judges at TGV Cinemas, Encorp Strand Mall. The session was a platform for participants to get up close and personal with the judging panel.

Two judges came down for the event, namely film director Shamyl Othman (Kami Histeria, Rembat) and Mohd Kabir Ariff Sultan, Head of Operations & Programming at TGV Cinemas Malaysia. Both openly shared their thoughts and advice for the budding filmmakers in attendance during the session.

Actress Sharifah Amani and The Daily Seni‘s Deric Ect were not available during the time, but provided their answers in writing.


The KL48FP team get ready to help participants sign up at TGV Cinemas.

Providing a hint as to what these judges expect in picking this year’s winner, Shamyl said that he’s looking forward to a film which gives him an emotional and visual experience.

“It should either make you think or feel; technicalities come secondary,” he explained.

Amani agreed with his sentiment in her message, stating that beautifully-shot sequences would be wasted if there was no story was put forth clearly. The actress and budding director — who shot to fame after a series of acclaimed projects with the late Yasmin Ahmad — placed storytelling on top priority.

“Storytelling is the main purpose of filmmaking. A story needs to be strong enough to stick with you even after the film is over and done with,” she claimed.

Deric concurred that story is the heart of a film and that it “helps the film breathe and grow over the course of its runtime” but noted that participants will have an extremely difficult task of conveying a story, idea or message within the 48-hour production time constraint.

Kabir meanwhile stressed that discipline is the key to the whole process of filmmaking. Shamyl then added that enthusiasm as a director plays an important role in the tight production deadline.

“As the leader of the team, you need to have the energy consistently throughout this 48 hours to keep your production team and talents motivated.”


The contestants of this years KL48FP came to seek advice from the judging panel.

The winner of this year’s KL48HFP Best Film Award will compete against 130 other winning films from cities around the world at Filmapalooza 2016 at Atlanta, Georgia USA. Registration is still open, but only until 9 November so it’s still not too late to sign up!

All the best to participating teams!

For a complete event schedule, list of awards and to register, visit www.kl48hourfilm.com or their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/kl48hourfilmproject!

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