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Neelofa Launches Own Youtube Channel, Shows No Sign of Slowing Down
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Neelofa Launches Own Youtube Channel, Shows No Sign of Slowing Down

by Keanu AzmanNovember 15, 2015

We all know Neelofa as the successful television presenter, right? Oh, and as a promising actress too, not to forget a prominent entrepreneur. Well, fans will be glad to know that this multi-talented personality has added something else to her plate.

Screenshot (38)Neelofa recently started her own Youtube channel called NeelofaTV on 4 November! In a recent interview with Cinema Online, she mentioned that her channel is set to feature three to five-minute long episodes, uploaded weekly. The talk show will also feature several special guests which makes that several extra reasons to check it out!

Neelofa turned 26 earlier this year. So young, yet so accomplished — and trust us when we say that this is an understatement! Expect to learn all the tips and tricks that led Neelofa to her success through her latest initiative.

Neelofa told Kosmo! Online that although the probability of negative response from viewers will always be there, she pushed on as the channel’s main goal is to help women out there gain confidence and believe in themselves.

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In the first episode, Neelofa promoted her book “The Chic Codes”. Picture Taken via YouTube

Neelofa also stated that Youtube was her platform of choice because she found that the younger generation is more inclined towards streaming media. The short duration of her videos also influenced her decision to stick with a Youtube channel.

By the way, the entire thing is done in English. That’s right people, Neelofa will be speaking in Bahasa Inggeris in all of her videos! Based on viewer comments thus far, fans have been largely supportive and have even made the effort to compliment her in English, to the best of their own capabilities.

You just keep on inspiring your followers, Neelofa, we’re behind you 100%!

On a side note, Neelofa will be back on the big screen this 26th November for Osman Ali‘s latest work Sinaran! Starring Lisa Surihani, the musical is based on the songbook of the great Sheila Majid and will definitely get audiences singing along!

It seems to us that she knows no limits to achieving — we wonder what will be on this starlet’s plate next. New videos will be uploaded on NeelofaTV every Wednesday so make sure to stay updated!

We’ll end with wise words from Neelofa. Remember, readers, to always “be chic, act bold and go beyond”!

Make sure to tune into NeelofaTV for some valuable advice from the one and only Neelofa!

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