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Must See: Yoko Ono’s Inaugural Solo Exhibition In Beijing Is Quite Something!
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Must See: Yoko Ono’s Inaugural Solo Exhibition In Beijing Is Quite Something!

by Keanu AzmanNovember 20, 2015

World renowned art muse, musician, and John Lennon widow Yoko Ono recently showcased a variety of works from her artistic career at the Faurschou Foundation in art district 798.

Her first solo exhibition in Beijing, Yoko chose to focus mainly on early pieces from her time in the legendary art movement of the hippie era, Fluxus, as well as her conceptual periods of the 60s and 70s.

According to The Independent the opening of the exhibition “began with 90 seconds of screeching, followed by the bemused, gentle applause of her audience”.

The centrepiece of the entire exhibition was Golden Ladders, where 7 ladders gilded with pure gold leaf were displayed, including both traditional ready-made Chinese ladders, custom-made ones. The exhibition also involved audience members who were invited to bring gold coloured ladders of any size, shape and material to join the installation.


Also piquing interest was Ex It, which was based on the “confrontation with horrifying events and escaping fear”. The installation plays with the awareness of audiences as they walk through approximately 70 coffins hastily built for victims from natural or human catastrophes.

For more fascinating details on the exhibition, check out Olivia Geng‘s piece for the Wall Street Journal or head over to Faurschou.

In recent years, Yoko Ono’s work and reputation as an artist has grown, receiving much-deserved acclaim.

Prior to John Lennon’s death, the husband-and-wife duo were actively involved in peace-driven activities, eventually becoming a symbol of the International Peace Movement (IPM) by the 1970s. It’s a theme that Yoko Ono has always kept close to her heart and often manifests itself in her artwork.

And now, for pictures!


Installation-view-of-Yoko-Ono-Golden-Ladders-at-Faurschou-Foundation-Beijing-07  Installation-view-of-Yoko-Ono-Golden-Ladders-at-Faurschou-Foundation-Beijing-22 Installation-view-of-Yoko-Ono-Golden-Ladders-at-Faurschou-Foundation-Beijing-17 Installation-view-of-Yoko-Ono-Golden-Ladders-at-Faurschou-Foundation-Beijing-47  Installation-view-of-Yoko-Ono-Golden-Ladders-at-Faurschou-Foundation-Beijing-40 Installation-view-of-Yoko-Ono-Golden-Ladders-at-Faurschou-Foundation-Beijing-35 Installation-view-of-Yoko-Ono-Golden-Ladders-at-Faurschou-Foundation-Beijing-31

All pictures provided by the Faurschou Foundation.

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