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‘Momen² Matluthfi’ Marks Popular Vlogger’s Second Attempt At Publishing
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‘Momen² Matluthfi’ Marks Popular Vlogger’s Second Attempt At Publishing

by Maira ZamriFebruary 1, 2016

MOST famous for his YouTube videos, Kedah-born Matluthfi (born Muhammad Luthfi Bin Rohime) is also a popular author.

27825660While his past-time as a vlogger has earned him two Shout! Aloud awards as well as spot on the Top 10 list of Malaysia’s favourite Youtube channels, the 26-year old prodigy has now put out two books under Puteh Press.

Matluthfi debuted as an author in 2014 with Catatan Matluthfi, a collection of writings styled as journal entries which went on to become one of Puteh’s major bestsellers, moving over 200,000 copies. He’s back now with another venture into literature: Momen² Matluthfi.

Momen² Matluthfi is composed of 202 pages filled with short stories (containing some highly-quotable quotes!) that you will want to share with your friends and family. His knack for witty remarks and jokes is still evident, although the format of his writings is kept largely the same as his debut effort.

Through it’s mixture of Bahasa Melayu Utara and English, Matluthfi shares his experiences, thoughts and two cents on various subjects.

He writes about the vicious cycle, shares a thing a two about Islam and tales from his days back in Perth, Australia.

Kalau hang tak dak background knowledge, sebab hang memang tak kesah apa benda yang jadi dalam dunia ni, hang memang terok. Aku sediakan footnotes untuk orang-orang yang terok macam hang, sebab kalau aku tulih sorang-sorang tanpa ada pembaca, baik aku cakap dengan dinding — dan itu lebih terok.

His writings are basically clickbait, but entertaining, and based on real life. Easily finished under an hour, Matluthfi’s latest book is a fast read — it’s difficult to put down once you’ve flipped open the first page.

Each short story in Momen² Matluthfi comes accompanied with pictures, making for a visually-engaging experience.

Although what makes a book good is subjective, most people agree that quality writing elicits strong feelings you can feel in the gut, even giving readers heartbreak and fear. Momen² Matluthfi won’t make you cry, but it will make you feel all the same — prepare to chuckle, ponder about life and learn a thing or two.

Tulisan-tulisan kali ini lebih panjang, lebih serius, lebih dewasa nadanya. Humornya ada, tetapi banyak inside jokes yang memerlukan pengetahuan asas agama, politik, sosial, hiburan dan isu-isu seputar keempat-empatnya.

The book also has a particular vibe that’s appealing to everyone from teens and adults to warga emasi and possibly even aliens …you name it! Get into it if you’re the sort that like to talk global and social issues with friends; it’s a great medium to initiate healthy exchanges of opinions.

You can purchase Momen² Matluthfi via Book Cafe, but while waiting for your copy to arrive, here’s his latest video for you to enjoy.

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