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Mo Brothers Currently Filming Action Flick ‘Headshot’, Promises “Sweet, Sweet Violence”
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Mo Brothers Currently Filming Action Flick ‘Headshot’, Promises “Sweet, Sweet Violence”

by Deric EctNovember 18, 2015

Headshot, the latest directorial effort from The Mo Brothers, is currently being shot in Batam, Indonesia.

Known for internationally-acclaimed features such as the Japan-Indonesia co-production Killers and award-winning slasher flick Rumah Dara (2009), the Indonesian duo is made up of filmmakers Kimo Stamboel and Timo Tjahjanto.

Shooting began three weeks ago as indicated on Timo Tjahjanto’s Instagram account, which has been steadily providing updates from the set.


Reportedly a gory, action-packed tale, Headshot has a cast consisting of Iko Uwais, Julie Estelle, Bront Palarae, Chelsea Islan and Sunny Pang.

Iko plays the film’s protagonist, who washes ashore as an amnesiac with a serious head injury. He is nursed back to health but his past returns to haunt him, and “violence ensues”.

Iko is one of Indonesia’s breakout stars ever since leading high-octane blockbuster The Raid. His involvement in the highly-anticipated upcoming film Star Wars: The Force Awakens has made him one of the most visible Indonesian film actors in recent years.

Co-star Julie Estelle too is known for her work in The Raid franchise — Julie played Hammer Girl in The Raid 2 — and previously worked with The Mo Brothers on Rumah Dara.

Malaysian actor Bront Palarae meanwhile plays a guest role in the film and has confirmed wrapping up shooting for his character. He likens the entire experience to his involvement with Anak Jantan, in which he worked with the experts who brought the action in Ong Bak to life.

“The Mo Brothers are one of the most interesting filmmaking duos around, so agak cool juga lah,” Bront stated when asked for further details on his involvement.

“There were loads of things that I learned,” Bront continued, “and the people were easy to work with. Iko, as an action master, has got lots of good ideas.”

Bront deemed Iko Uwais’s fight choreography “very edgy” and stated that his experience filming Headshot, though brief, was one of his most exciting.

Headshot was written by Timo Tjahtano and is being produced by Mike Wiluan and Wicky Olindo for Screenplay Infinite Films. The film will be released in Asia (with the exception of Indonesia) through its international sales representative and co-financier, Nikkatsu.

A release date has not been set but the film is expected to hit cinemas next year.


All photos obtained from Timo Tjahtanto’s Instagram account! Make sure to follow him for more updates on the film.

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