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MMU Students Initiate Crowdfunding Campaign to Bring Movie Project To Life
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MMU Students Initiate Crowdfunding Campaign to Bring Movie Project To Life

by Tania KnuttDecember 4, 2015

The final year students of MMU‘s Faculty of Cinematic Arts from Nusajaya, Johor need your help. The first batch of students are about to graduate and they are determined to leave a mark in the Malaysian film industry!

Here’s where they need your help: these students have done a short film entitled NENEK, and they are hoping to bring it more life, which is why they’ve started a crowdfunding campaign — because we all know the struggles of funds when it comes to filmmaking.

NENEK tells the story of Faridah, a fun but mischievous grandmother, who does whatever it takes to stay in the hospital she’s in. However, a suspicious nurse isn’t going to let her get away with it, especially since the nurse is her daughter.


The team behind NENEK strongly believes that storytelling is important, intending to share stories true to Malaysian culture. They’ve been gathering their audiences for a while now by engaging with followers through social media.

In wanting to bring more to their stories, they recently kickstarted their very own campaign on crowdfunding platform MYSTARTR. The campaign, launched today, will run for 35 days.

Contributors will also be rewarded (as is the norm with these kind of things) — for example, RM10 will get your name will in the movie’s end credits, while contributions worth RM40 can get you more physical gifts like film merchandise, which includes a T-shirt, notebooks and other yet-to-announce goodies.

Their main goal is to hopefully raise a total of RM 20,000 which will help fund their short film and other ideas they’ve got up their sleeves.

Make sure to visit the university’s official Facebook page for all of the student’s works. They’ve got content ranging from silent films and music videos to even interactive short films.

Crowdfunding, though relatively small in Malaysia, was responsible for the execution of community projects such as TAPAUFEST. Most recently, crowfunding kept the Yasmin Ahmad museum alive.

 Help keep these filmmakers dream a little more alive and help them out by heading to their Crowd Funding Campaign page MYSTARTR. Also, don’t forget to check out MMU’S Faculty of Cinematic Arts Facebook Page and NENEK‘s official Facebook page. 

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