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Did You Know That Malaysians Were Responsible For This Australian Murder Flick?
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Did You Know That Malaysians Were Responsible For This Australian Murder Flick?

by The Daily SeniFebruary 16, 2016

SIX friends who used to study at the same university go into the inner depths of Western Australia. They’re playing a special version of hide and seek to determine “which guy will end up spending time with which girl for the weekend”. Very kinky!

But there’s an “eerie masked person” lurking in the woods who wants blood, and he starts attacking them one by one.


Yes, it’s not the most original story you’ll hear this summer, but it does star the same sort of disposable, attractive actors who don’t mind taking their shirts off on screen.

Directed by Malaysian national Rizal Halim, upcoming Australian release Lurking Woods cost approximately RM1.2 million and runs at 94-minutes.

Its director is especially optimistic after his film pushed audience members to tears during a preview, if this poorly-researched article shared by Free Malaysia Today is anything to go by.

Filem ini sangat mendebarkan dan semasa pratonton di Perth, Australia, kami mendapat respons menggalakkan daripada penonton hingga ada yang menangis ketika menonton filem ini.

— Rizal Halim

Rizal is a long-time participant in the film industry, having been many things from cinematographer to stuntman. Bernama reports that he shot the entire film in just nine days!

On a scale of 1 – 5 (with 5 being ‘Most Excited’), how excited are you for ‘Lurking Woods’?


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Initiated by Malaysian-born producer Rod Manikam of Western Australian film company Rodman Pictures, Lurking Woods premiered in Australia in October last year.

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