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Malaysian Film ‘Return To Nostalgia’ Is Currently Screening At The Busan International Film Festival!
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Malaysian Film ‘Return To Nostalgia’ Is Currently Screening At The Busan International Film Festival!

by The Daily SeniOctober 6, 2015

WOO MING JIN (KL Zombi, Mamak Cupcake) has been active in the local film industry for more than a decade now, and it shows in his resumé — only thirty-nine, he’s the sole Malaysian filmmaker to have his films screened at Cannes, Berlin and Venice.

His Return To Nostalgia was chosen as one of ten films to play in the Power of Asian Cinema segment of the festival. It’s line-up consists of a series of documentaries which cover films and the history of Asian cinema.


Ming Jin’s film is a documentary based on his search for local film Seruan Merdeka, a now-missing piece from 1946 which was directed by B. S. Rajhans (known for directing the first Malayan film, Laila Majnun).

Along the way, Ming Jin and his crew stumble upon recollections of the Japanese Occupation from locals and gather information on the hidden history of Malaysian cinema.

It is my desire to showcase a part of my country to the world, a part that many of us may have already forgotten.

Woo Ming Jin

The film also features local talents Iedil Putra (Terbaik Dari Langit, Interchange) and Jasmine Chin.


Return To Nostalgia premiered to the Busan crowd last Sunday, and in attendance was none other than Director-General of FINAS, Dato’ Kamil Othman.

On leave since the 20th of September (yes, government employees are actually treated quite well these days, au contraire to popular belief) Kamil made time to drop by and support our local filmmaker. With him was his assistant, Faridah Jaafar.

Ming Jin’s most-recent film, The Second Life of Thieves, premiered at Busan last year and is set to screen at Luang Prabang Film Festival this coming December. It’s quite a bold and courageous effort — you’ll understand why once you watch trailer.

A family and relationship drama, The Second Life of Thieves stars Chung Kok Keong, Mayjune Tan, Berg Lee, Emily Lim, Teng Jiyun, Azman Hassan and Heen Sasithorn.

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