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Malacca Is In Danger Of Unsustainable Development And There’s An Exhibition Taking Place To Prove This
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Malacca Is In Danger Of Unsustainable Development And There’s An Exhibition Taking Place To Prove This

by Tania KnuttNovember 10, 2015

Malacca is often dubbed the historic state of Malaysia. The 600-year old town is filled with so much heritage, but this could all be gone soon.

The state of Malacca has been facing an influx of new development projects which include large-scale buildings and high-rises that may soon replace the region’s charming old quarters.

However, a small group of like-minded individuals — which include names like Daily Fix Cafe‘s Julian Yeo, Bert Tan from the Malaysian Heritage and History Club (MHHC), and Melissa Chan of the Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum — have gathered to try and save what’s left of their heritage.

All their efforts have culminated in a special exhibition titled the New/Old Malacca Exhibition which will run from 27 November – 31 December.

The idea of the exhibition started with a series of walkabouts around the old parts of the town with aid from a mobile app known as Timera — which allows participants to see existing landscapes through old photographs uploaded onto the app. Think of it as sort of like a historical edition of Google Street View!

“We then began to interview some of the residents of the old quarters, asking them how they felt about the changing landscape of their own, and how the development has affected their business and life”, informed Melissa.


Image obtained via Alcove de Anggur

The exhibition includes people from the Portuguese community whose lives have been affected by urban development within the state. Apart from that, the exhibition will also feature businesses that have been ongoing for years and will now have to move out to make way for larger scale complexes.

“They cannot afford to compete, and have decided to close their businesses”, said Julian, a third generation Malaccan.

For Julian, his return from overseas will hopefully result in the birth of several sustainable business plans — he has his mind set on a series of cafes which harnesses the essence of the old town.

He however wants New/Old Malacca to inspire his generation to create more local businesses with soul, on top of making them aware of the changes happening in their cities.

We hope that this exhibition will be the start of more engagement and collaboration between Governmental bodies, stake-holders and businesses of the city. Our intention is not to antagonize but to create awareness and better solutions between all parties in Malacca’s town.

Bert Tan, Malaysian Heritage and History Club

The New/Old Malacca exhibition will run from 27 November – 31 December 2015 at the Daily Fix Cafe and will feature poetry readings, movie screenings, a traditional rattan furniture maker, exhibitions and good ol’ Malaccan food.

New/Old Malacca exhibition will run from 27th November – 31st December 2015 at the Daily Fix Cafe on No. 55 Jonker Street, Melaka.  For more information check out their Facebook page 

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