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L’Zzay’s “Joget Selfie Raya” Picks Up Steam On Social Media, Polarizes Daily Seni Offices
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L’Zzay’s “Joget Selfie Raya” Picks Up Steam On Social Media, Polarizes Daily Seni Offices

by The Daily SeniJuly 16, 2015

Lynnzay Affandi‘s big break may have just arrived  in the form of a Raya song.

Going by the moniker L’Zzay, this new singer-songwriter has finally arrived in the form of “Joget Selfie Raya”, a lagu Raya that seems to have been written with milennials in mind. You’ve got to admit it’s a pretty epic way to make an entrance in the local music industry.

Watch the video and let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll at the bottom this post.

Boasting lyrics such as “ramai ramai melawa gara-gara nak berselfie raya” and “mintak mak nak selfie satu sebelum upload jangan lupa edit”, the song takes a look at the increasing prominence of internet culture in real life.

It’s going to blow up soon, fingers-crossed!

We have a feeling it could be huge over the holidays: one quick look at its Youtube stats assures us that “Joget Selfie Raya” hasn’t peaked yet in terms of popularity. At the time of writing, it’s sitting at 29,500 views.

On the 12th of July, the song stood at 21,000 views. In the span of four hours yesterday, we watched the song’s view count increase by about 4,000 views. Something’s about to happen!

However, “Joget Selfie Raya” has caused rifts in the office.

We haven’t come to a consensus yet; this particular piece has split the The Daily Seni team into four factions.

It sounds like a legit raya song until you listen closely and you hear the lyrics and you think, why is she killing the BM language? “Manis sekali si hijabista” WTF?

– Wendi, Editorial

Listening to it the first time without focusing on the lyrics, you’d think, OK, it’s a Raya song. But when I read the lyrics later I was like, are you serious?

– Tharany, Editorial

As you can see, on one side of the field we have people who despise the whole thing. And on the other extreme…

I love it love it love it! It’s so clever and it perfectly captures as well as caters to today’s generation. I don’t know if it’s ironic – is it ironic? Either way, I think it’s brilliant and it makes quite a statement.

Deric, Editorial

And then of course, there are those a little bit confused by it all.

…it doesn’t feel like a lagu Raya to me. I’m speechless. The beat is spot-on I guess and it is in a way making some sort of social critique, but a lagu Raya is supposed to make people happy and what not but this feels like… why?

– Reedwan, Marketing

 Last are those just a tiny bit hesitant but ready to embrace a brand new Raya soundtrack.

Walaupun “Joget Selfie Raya” kedengaran catchy, trendy dan moden, namun elemen klasik lagu raya masih lagi dapat didengar melalui aspek irama dan melodinya. Cuma dari segi penulisan lirik mungkin sebegini supaya lebih mudah dihadam oleh generasi muda – lagu ini seakan lebih tertumpu ke arah mereka.

– Marwan, Multimedia

I think it’s cool that she modernized it and it’s something young people do – we hashtag everything now. It’s a good way to write a song I guess; it’s a bit ridiculous I must say, but it does make me want to jive.

Tania, Editorial

Despite the disagreements, we’re glad to report that they’ve all decided to stick together as a team because guess what guys, it’s ramadhan.

What does L’Zzay have to say?

We went to find out more about the song from L’Zzay herself, who was kind enough to answer our questions. We started by asking her to explain the song, which we felt was very much aimed at a generation of youth obsessed with digital culture.

For decades, Raya and lagu Raya used to be all about ketupat rendang, duit Raya, aunties asking bila nak kahwin once a year. Every year (sigh) it’s about kad Raya, maaf zahir batin, sedih tak dapat balik kampung, sedih cannot jumpa kekasih hati intan payung and baju Raya but now, we have selfie Raya. So I figured… why not?

Bak kata P. Ramlee, “seni adalah untuk masyarakat“. And I gotta admit it’s not only relatable to the millennials; this is actually dedicated to generation X, Y and Z  all the senior cousins, mothers, makciks, grandparents… now they’re all using smartphones and they too enjoy taking selfies and the best part is that they’ll ajak all the cucu cicit, visitors and anak-anak to join them. That’s the spirit we want for Rayamengeratkan silaturrahim.

L’Zzay is very pleased with the impact of the song thus far, and she’s hoping it gets bigger. She also wants to thank her supporters for helping it go viral, and tells us a bit more about her influences.

I am a very old-fashioned person when it comes to festive tunes. If it’s Gong Xi Fa Cai, must use pipa or guzheng. If it’s Deepavali, must use sitar. It’s definitely a challenge to attract listeners to a new Raya song because everybody agrees that nothing can beat classic, nostalgic Raya songs, so I guess it’s good to stick to a traditional Malay sound.

I was torn between zapin and joget, but since I wanted the ‘fun’ element, I felt that joget was the right choice. I am inspired by joget songs from the seniors  S. M  Salim (“Apa Dah Jadi”), Sudirman (“Joget Kenangan Manis”) and Anita Sarawak (“Joget Sayang Di Sayang”) for example. These three are the main anthems that led me to “Joget Selfie Raya”.

To L’Zzay, the most important thing is not how successful the song gets or how much traction it gains on social media. Instead, her job is done if listeners of the song can feel the “Raya aura” and keep it close to their hearts.

Those in love with the song, good news! There will be a new version of “Joget Selfie Raya” coming out soon which is set to take things just a bit further.

Considering the song is getting attention because of my dearest supporters, as a special treat for them, there will be an acapella version of “Joget Selfie Raya” coming up ala-ala Pitch Perfect (without Fat Amy) featuring this acapella group called Colour of Voices. Stay tuned!

We will, L’Zzay, and hopefully by then the office will be able to come to an agreement.

L’Zzay’s still busy pushing “Joget Selfie Raya” out there until its full potential is realized, but she did drop us a hint with regards to her next single: “Gen X and Gen Z berdikir puteri a la Big Bang“. Just trying to imagine it sends shivers down our spine; L’Zzay might be here to stay.

While waiting for that, make sure to follow her on Twitter to beramah mesra; she’d love to hear from her fans! Also make sure to see her live at Sony Music‘s Siri Jelajah Pentas Best FM Musim ke-2 which will be taking place in KL, Melaka and Johor over the next two months.

What about you, folks?

How do you feel about “Joget Selfie Raya”?

It’s brilliant and it’s going straight into my lagu raya playlist.
It’s not that bad and it might make my raya playlist.
It’s OK, but I don’t think I will listen to it again.
It’s not very good and the sooner it disappears the better.
It’s downright terrible and shouldn’t be allowed on airwaves.

Download “Joget Selfie Raya” on iTunes or get the song on your phones by checking out the description section of the song’s lyric video.

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  • Doraemon
    July 16, 2015 at 7:25 pm

    In my opinion, this is a pop Raya song. Semua dah terbiasa dgn ayat dan bahasa puitis. So terkeluar sikit bahasa hipster, they freak out. But its covered by the joget sound. Malaysia ni mmg agak lembab menerima sesuatu yg baharu. So, biar diorg digest slow2. Saya pun mula2 agak WTF bt the song grow in me cause the message inside it mmg tell the truth n agak menganjeng the wrong doings ketika selfie raya such as selfie di kubur. Thats brilliant. Memang #mohonterasa dan butthurt lah kan

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