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Kim Dong Wan From Shinhwa Donated How Much To Victims Of Sexual Enslavement?
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Kim Dong Wan From Shinhwa Donated How Much To Victims Of Sexual Enslavement?

by Tania KnuttDecember 18, 2015

Kim Dong Wan of South Korean boy band Shinhwa, recently committed a noble deed for women who were victims of the Japanese military sexual enslavement during World War II. The singer donated ₩40 million (RM146,294) to the Nanoom House (“nanoom” means “sharing”) which caters to the as-yet living comfort women in Gwangju.

This however isn’t his first time contributing and aiding those in need.

In 2003, Dong Wan donated an estimated ₩279 million (RM1,022,403) to the victims of the Daegu subway fire and victims of the 2011 Fukushima earthquake in Japan.

Dong Wan has also been contributing to the Nanoom House since 2013, when he donated ₩30 million (RM109,720) that year and repeated the same gesture the following year, according to the Korea Times.

After learning that a survivor had passed away, leaving only 46 Koreans left of the 238 victims registered with the South Korean government, Dong Wan stated that part of his contribution would go towards a memorial hall dedicated to the victims.

Kim Dong Wan last released a full-length album in 2008 called The Secret, but made a comeback after a 7-year hiatus by releasing two mini albums entitled D and W.

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