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We need your help to make ‘Kantoi!” a reality!
(Credits: Ghulam Rusli)
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We need your help to make ‘Kantoi!” a reality!

by Daisy SunshineNovember 25, 2017

If you’re familiar with online hit short films “Pekak“, “Bebel” and last year’s interactive “Ngelamun” that took a delightful spin on Malaysian school life with its beautiful color grading, storyline, and composition- you best believe that Adam Zainal and his crew is coming up with something wonderful, but they need YOUR help to get it rolling!


(Credits: Aqil Udin)

The teaser showcases a sarcastic narrator who talks to you about the events of an unlucky girl named Alia (presumably herself), who realizes that’s she been confirmed positive through a pregnancy stick test.

Exiting the bathroom stall, she bumps into her chatterbox best friend Raihan, who happens to be anak pengetua– and drops the stick onto the floor in shock.

Feeling completed cornered and utterly helpless, she tells her friend on impulse;

“OMG, someone kat sekolah mengandung!”

Though the themes of the short film are friendship, trust, and teenage pregnancy- it’s not reminiscent of Jason Reitman’s Juno.

(Credits: Aqil Udin)

(Credits: Aqil Udin)

The story behind Kantoi’s conceive stems behind an old friendship from the past, Malaysia’s lacking of Sex Ed in our national schools and the taboo topic of child pregnancies among students.

The grim reality of these reports is otherwise only shared through newspaper headlines, MASTIKA articles or through grapevine school urban legends.


While the short film won’t be completely based on the horrors of teen pregnancies, it’s a good start for the industry to be addressing these issues that the Malaysian youth encounter without subjugating the topic as most local films do.

Take a look at the teaser for Kantoi here!


If you’re sold on the idea, this is where your help comes in!


Brought to you by Lunar Cinema with a small crew of six of students from MMU Educity, Iskandar Puteri; the project is set for March 2018! 

However, like many independent artists in the industry, they require aid in funding for Kantoi as shown in this picture below (a simplified chart of the budget); here’s a link where you can access to their Kickstarter fund!

The total target is RM 17,000!


Here’s your chance to help out the arts, where every penny counts as a contribution to the making of Kantoi!

To keep updated about the project, here are links to the twitter accounts of the crew!

Adam Zainal: @Adamantiumm & Ashley Tong: @AshleyTong1996


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