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Journey Through The Promised Land of Kamal Mustafa’s HULUTOPIA
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Journey Through The Promised Land of Kamal Mustafa’s HULUTOPIA

by Nazreen AbrahamMay 7, 2015

It is hard to resist the contrarian temptations of Polytechnic of Central London alumni Kamal Mustafa.

HULUTOPIA – Through The Looking Glass Into Promised Lands will be his second solo exhibition and it will feature new works from his Promised Land and Museum series as well as his other past works.After the success of his first solo exhibition entitled Simulations in 2014 in which he played with subtle sociopolitical messages emphasizing the construction of memory, history and knowledge, the 63-year-old film director-turned-fine artist explores a new hybrid of digital and analog in his latest artworks.

HULUTOPIA is Kamal the art-schooler playing with digital imaging, print, and paint on paper and canvas with video and visual projections to showcase his contemplations of a destiny based on both secular and religious ideologies.

A play on hulu, the Malay word for source or beginning, and utopia, an imaginary place of perfection, the title of the exhibition aptly encompasses the subject matter that the artist tries to tackle with his paint brush.

HULUTOPIA proves to be an ambitious and daring task that seduces viewers to experience Kamal Mustafa’s post-apocalyptic-ish vision of society’s delusions.

The exhibition displays at Whitebox in Publika on the 9th and 10th of May from 11am till 8pm. It will then make its way to Fergana Art Space at The Whiteaways Arcade in George Town on the 16th of May till the 21st of June from 11am to 7pm, except on Mondays.

The exhibition’s catalogue consists of essays by Hassan Muthalib, Ahmad Fuad Rahmat and includes a curatorial note by Yap Sau Bin. This catalogue will be launched at the opening reception in Penang beginning 3pm on Saturday the 16th of May.

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Nazreen Abraham is a padawan of Minut Init Art Space in Damansara Uptown. The Father of Zero Ducks Given, the online Inter-Dimensional Zine. He yearns to understand the local arts scene in his search for the elusive Malaysian Identity and the National Dream. Nazreen was junior writer at The Daily Seni.