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Kakiseni Has Some Free Live Gigs In Ipoh Next Week
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Kakiseni Has Some Free Live Gigs In Ipoh Next Week

by The Daily SeniOctober 17, 2015

AS part of Kakiseni‘s The Other Festival happening in Ipoh next week, art collective Projek Rabak has curated a selection of artists to perform in the old city from next Thursday to Sunday.

Performances are set to take place in the afternoon at Kong Heng Square, and late night at Big John’s Music Shack.

In the spotlight on 22 – 23 October at Kong Heng Square is Amy Amin, while the following two days will feature Azmyl Yunor. In the night, these acts are joined by Liyana Fizi, Molly Dolly and Gaina, and each day promises a different combination of two or more acts.

Entry to all performances are free! Every weekend until the 8th of November, The Other Festival will showcase various local artists, as curated by Projek Rabak.

Kakiseni has been hard at work making Ipoh a better place while polishing the city’s unique identity — uncovering various hidden gems such as long-hidden letterpresses and getting zebra crossings painted on streets.

Their press kit for The Other Festival example came with a bottle of “100% Ipoh limestone water blend” and a packet of “carefully picked green beans from the finest lines of taugeh, chosen for their quality crunchiness and flavourfulness”.

Make sure to read more about the festival in our previous posting!

Attending? Let them know with a quick, digital RSVP! For more details on The Other Festival, check out the event page!

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