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H&M’s All For Children Collection Gives Back Through UNICEF
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H&M’s All For Children Collection Gives Back Through UNICEF

by Naressa KhanAugust 22, 2014

Nothing is indeed worthier of purchase than a good fashion collection that contributes a lump of its sales to charitable causes, and it’s even better when it proves the adage that all good things come from small (sized) beginnings.

Case in point: the new All for Children collection by H&M. It features fashionable, wildlife-inspired pieces made for children of all ages. What makes this collection even greater is that 25 percent of the brand makes from the collection is aligned with UNICEF’s efforts to help children of the world’s poorest communities get the proper education they deserve because hey, no human beings should ever miss out on the chance to expand their knowledge and skill sets.

“The social impacts resulting from H&M’s investment will improve the lives and futures of the children and the communities in which they live,” comments UNICEF’s Tim Hunter on the honorable collaboration between the children’s rights organisation and the international fashion brand.

The collection provides stylish clothes and adorable accessories that are all fitting for the coming autumn season. Each piece in the array is so stylish we almost wish the brand would create an adult version of the exact designs. So mark your calendars and make a point to make happier people out of both the children in your life and those in underprivileged parts of the world.

All for Children will available at selected H&M stores worldwide on 30 October.

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