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Here Are All The Character Posters For HBO Asia’s ‘Halfworlds’!
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Here Are All The Character Posters For HBO Asia’s ‘Halfworlds’!

by The Daily SeniSeptember 23, 2015

WHILE awaiting the highly anticipated HBO Asia original Halfworlds to air, we’ve been given really short clips, production stills, and most recently, promotional images, and we must say it’s all looking pretty damn awesome so far.

The eight-part original series is a thriller that’s set in present day Jakarta. Directed by Joko Anwar, Halfworlds tells the story of an underground society of demons living among the people in Jakarta.

You can read more about the miniseries from our previous coverage — we’ve talked about Bront Palarae and Reza Rahadian‘s experience working together, wrote an introduction to Salvita Decorte, and also published a few words on HBO Asia’s hopes for Halfworlds.

The upcoming series features Indonesian actors Salvita Decorte, Reza Rahadian, Arifin Putra, Aimee Saras, Adinia Wirasti, Hannah Al-Rashid, Tara Basro, Alex Abbad, Ario Bayu and Verdi Solaiman; Singaporean Nathan Hartono and Malaysia’s own Bront Palarae and Puteri Balqis.


Nadia is played by Adinia Wirasti.


Gusti is played by Bront Palarae.


Gorga is played by Alex Abbad.


Barata is played by Arifin Putra.


Juragan is played by Ario Bayu.


Coki is played by Nathan Hartono.


Pinung is played by Aimee Saras.


Bandi is played by Cornelio Sunny.


Sarah is played by Salvita Decorte.


Hasan is played by Verdi Solaiman.


Marni is played by Hannah Al Rashid.


Ros and Tony are played by Tara Basro and Reza Rahadian.

Halfworlds will be at Jakarta Comic Con this weekend!

For more updates on Halfworlds, check out their Facebook page.

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