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Has Anyone Heard Shaheizy Sam & Aniu’s Duet, “GOLLL”?
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Has Anyone Heard Shaheizy Sam & Aniu’s Duet, “GOLLL”?

by The Daily SeniOctober 8, 2015

MADE especially for Shamyl Othman‘s latest film Rembat (which we reviewed yesterday), the film’s theme song is performed by both its lead actors, namely Shaheizy Sam and Aniu.

Boasting lyrics such as “cuba pau bapak, tapi bapak pun koyak“, it’s an ode to tough economic times which relies on football for metaphors and wisdom.

It must be noted though that this isn’t the first time Shaheizy or Aniu have dabbled in music!

Shaheizy has recorded some songs over the years, though he never scaled much heights with his material. His most notable track to date is “Begini Caranya”, which he performed with Yana Samsudin several years ago. His last serious attempt at a song is “Bangun”, which even features Liyana Jasmay!

That’s what cold, calculated determination sounds like fellas.

Sam does have a lovely voice though, and at some point we do believe he’ll end up with a smash hit and the entirety of Malaysia will finally fall in love with him (if they haven’t already).

Aniu meanwhile has a full-blown pop career (as Ah Niu) since 1997 , when he achieved fame across Chinese-speaking territories for his humble, folky material.

If you find this to be a bit of an acquired taste, remember that a quick search on Ah Niu on Youtube reveals a quite a number of results.

In any case, make sure to catch Rembat at the cinemas; the film officially opens today!

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