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FFM27: Vote For Who You Think Will Win Best Short Film This Year!
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FFM27: Vote For Who You Think Will Win Best Short Film This Year!

by The Daily SeniAugust 20, 2015

It’s time to take a look at the Best Short Film nominees at the 27th Malaysia Film Festival (FFM27)! The awards ceremony, due on the 5th of September, will see top honours in the film industry handed out to several filmmakers and actors, and we’re here to talk about some very talented potential winners.

For this year’s Best Short Film category, it’s a one-word-title extravaganza! You have a a short film about beliefs, another two about love (but not the typical sort), one on a crucial career moment, while the other gives us an almost Yasmin Ahmad feel to things.



Director: Saiem Muhammad

Cast: Didi Astillah, Saiem Muhammad, Zack Zharif

DescriptionThis short film tells a story about a teenager who is helpless in dealing with the problem she faces in the world. This film also tries to emulate the different ways we are forced to deal with the different challenges that arises in life . With an empty soul, we search for the meaning of life. In the end, we are all the same; we return to God, the one and only.

Watch the trailer of Kelambu on their Facebook page!


Director: Ng Ken Kin

Description: Yati goes returns her village after her father’s death. There she meets Samad, her childhood sweetheart who has been patiently waiting for her return, for good.

Watch Hajat here!



Director: Bradley Liew

Cast: Amerul Affendi, Sandra Woo

Description: Xing tells a story of a tender exploration from a disconnected relationship between a beautiful stage performer from China — who is trying to preserve her dignity, and a Malay motorcycle gangster who clings on to their love hopelessly.

Remember to watch the trailer!



Director: Cho We Jun

Cast: Tuan Tapai Faisal, Megat Sharizal, Azman Hassan, Dawn Cheong, Benji Lim, Gavin Yap, Ish Jamaludin, Alfred Loh

Description: Ishak, an experienced police diver, contemplates the emotional perils of his vocation following the most challenging dive of his career.

Have a look at the trailer to decide!


Leleh 1

Director: Fadhlan Khair Bin Fawazul Khair

Description: A story about Fendi and his friends who are often in trouble for their mischievousness in school. One day while they were annoying a female classmate, Fendy realizes that he is watched by Ismail, a classmate. Fendy realizes that Ismail has been watching him and confronts him. An argument arises  between Fendi and Ismail that leads to a bigger problem.

Wanna watch the trailer ?

The Daily Seni’s Choice

It’s hard to pick which one of these five have a chance of winning Best Short film. Each has great story and technical execution. Xing looks beautiful; there’s some very nice cinematography in play. Kelambu meanwhile makes great use of metaphors. But from it all, we’re hoping it’s going to be either Kelambu or Xing for their originality and the cinematography, though this writer is leaning towards Xing. What say you?

Who will win this year’s Best Short Film award at the FFM27?


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