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FFM27: …And One For The Sound Designers – ‘Penataan Bunyi Terbaik’
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FFM27: …And One For The Sound Designers – ‘Penataan Bunyi Terbaik’

by The Daily SeniAugust 29, 2015

FROM the brutal fight scenes of Mamat Khalid‘s Amir & Loqman Pergi ke Laut to the music-centric surround sound of Kami Histeria to the 7.1-injected psycho/horror in Hungry Ghost Ritual and Dendam Orang Mati, the Best Sound Design category isn’t trivial at all. In fact, it’s a really tough one to call.

BEST Sound Design is tough to call, namely because not many are actually qualified to judge audio and its effects based on ‘how we feel about a film’ because of its sound quality. It’s a technical, minute-detailed, scene-specific category which doesn’t leave much room for subjectivity. Trudging respectfully through the five shortlisted nominees up for this unsung award, we shall try anyway.

So here goes…

Kami Histeria


Dir.: Shamyl Othman

Nominee: Digital Orange

Verdict: Carved around four strong theme songs and a varied instrumental score penned by Loque of Monoloque/Butterfingers, and sung by the film’s young female stars, the big and colourful overall sound for Kami Histeria seems pretty much sorted and more than met its job description. A contender, sheerly based around the strength of its music, but equal credit to the Digital Orange team if they run away with this statuette. Producers Red Films must be proud – it’s a hit sonic job for one of the year’s hit releases.

Hungry Ghost Ritual

Picture 5

Dir.: Nick Cheung

Nominee: Winson Poon

Verdict: As meticulous and immersive as the method acting of the unknown cast, this methodological soundtrack effort competes with itself, if not with Lelaki Harapan Dunia by perennial local house Imaginex, another nominee. Not surprising if lone Winson Poon steals this category for his audio feats.

Lelaki Harapan Dunia 

Lelaki Harapan Dunia 02

Dir.: Liew Seng Tat

Nominee: Imaginex Studios

Verdict: Imaginex have been around for awhile doing their thing in the local biz so it’s not like they’re new and hard-up about the annual plaudits, FFM included. But based on their treatment of Lelaki Harapan Dunia, the signature Hollywood Edge-ed largeness is still there, they clearly still take pride in their handiwork and if they win this trophy they wouldn’t mind at all.

Amir & Loqman Pergi ke Laut


Dir.: Mamat Khalid

Nominee: Adzrey Abdul Kamal

Verdict: The grim visual-scape of Amir & Loqman… is adequately complemented by Adzrey Abdul Kamal’s, so it matches the gritty intensity of the production (even though it’s not the best film the prolific Mamat Khalid put out last year).

Thoughtlessly raw dB power during the fight scenes and heavy-handed foley throughout makes it a darkhorse FFM gong winner, so who knows, it might win, depending on where the jury’s heads or more to the point, ears, are at.

Dendam Orang Mati

Picture 1

Dir.: Jason Cheong

Nominee: Ilya Syazran Lukman

Verdict: This is the only category which this KRU Films-produced thriller flick is nominated in this year, so the mastering job must count for something.

Daily Seni’s Pick

Kami Histeria for the win!

And the FFM award for Best Sound Design goes to…

Amir & Luqman Pergi Ke Laut
Dendam Orang Mati
Hungry Ghost Festival
Kami Histeria
Lelaki Harapan Dunia

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