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Faizal Yunus launches debut solo exhibition Matrix at Richard Koh
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Faizal Yunus launches debut solo exhibition Matrix at Richard Koh

by Admin DailyseniNovember 15, 2016

IF you recall, Richard Koh featured select works from local artists during its well-received Malaysian Art: A New Perspective last September. One of these works, Trapped, was by Faizal Yunus who finally presents his first solo exhibition at the gallery this month.

Faizal’s solo showcase Matrix features artworks derived from printmaking and painting techniques which display traces of everyday objects, compositions and visual poetry. In the context of this exhibition, the term ‘matrix’ is defined as an object or a surface on which images are imprinted.


In Faizal’s practice, his matrix is a dense surface composed of a variety of objects sourced from home or from work: think rubber band, bubble wrap, fabric, string, bits of cardboard and other stuff you can easily find lying around.

Faizal creates his compositions on a flat surface. He then presses either a piece of paper or canvas onto his objects, imprinting the contours and silhouettes of the objects prior to printing, as indistinct and definite objects would collide for attention in the compositions.


The mark-marking process is intuitive and includes the act of careful planning, but those trying this technique should also be open to slippages and mistakes. These imprints are believed by the artist to articulate his spiritual, physical and living conditions in this moment in time, as he is treating his works almost like a recording of his environment.


Matrix will run at Richard Koh Fine Art from 22 November – 5 December 2016. Drop by for the launch at 6:00pm onwards on opening day!

For more information regarding the exhibition, contact Richard Koh Fine Art at info@rkfineart.com and +603 2095 3300.

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