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Event Listing: A Look At Masakini Theatre’s Q1 2016
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Event Listing: A Look At Masakini Theatre’s Q1 2016

by The Daily SeniDecember 12, 2015

MASAKINI is a theatre company established back in 2003, known for some spectacular visual work combining physical movement and shadow theatre in recent years. Currently at the forefront of the genre, it is led by established actor/dancer Sabera Shaik.

Just last month Masakini brought their trademark wayang performance to Negeri Sembilan, and is one of few local theatre companies active inside as well as outside of Kuala Lumpur.

The company is planning a diverse set of programs for next year, so you might want to check out what they have to offer over January till March. Wanna learn how to dance Bollywood? Boleh. Got spare time to dabble in the arts and want firsthand lessons from Sabera herself? Pun boleh. Really, have a look!

Bolly Bale Bale

Love Bollywood films? Ever wanted to learn how to dance as professionally and intensely as Bollywood dancers?

Veteran dancer, choreographer and instructor, GUNA  will show you the secret to dance movements that will keep you on the floor with any Bollywood numbers. Learn to coordinate your head to toe movements while you tone up and finally look like a million dollars.


Wanna boast sick moves like Aishwarya? Register now! Image from Devdas (2002).

This 5-session class is suitable for participants of all ages especially those who are shy to conquer the dance floor. Here is your first step to Bollywood! Details :

7:00pm – 8:00pm Tuesdays | 5 January – 2 February
RM100 per person for 5 sessions.


Sabera Shaik. Photo via Masakini

Theatre For Tinklers

Are you a retiree? Or simply enjoy writing and acting? Well, this programme is definitely for you. Here on every weekend you will be guided to discover your talents in the creative world.

Spend your weekend with veteran actor and facilitator Sabera Shaik. Who knows, just maybe the winding road might take you on a new and exciting journey of discovering your potential.

Oh and there is a showtime on the last session, whereby you can invite your family and friends to watch your creative piece!

5:00pm – 8:00pm Saturdays and Sundays | 9 January – 7 February
RM100 per person for all 5 weekends.

Young Saturday Chefs


Make your kids do useful things at Masakini’s kitchen! Gif via inspirationalcards.

It’s Saturday and you might have chores and errands to attend to. Don’t worry about your kids. It can all be taken care of. They can take over from 9:30 am – 1:00 pm. Send your child to learn the correct techniques in baking skills that they will keep for a lifetime.

Yes this indeed is in the neighbourhood of Masterchef Junior, in case you were wondering. In the kitchen of Masakini, they can choose to bake a cake, make cup cakes, icing techniques and easy-to-make pastries.

During each session your child will take home his/her baked goods for you. What a way to spend a Saturday! This programme is limited to 8 participants per session. So book a place as soon as possible!

9:30am – 1:00 pm Saturdays

9 Jan: Baking Pies, 16 Jan: Bake a cake, 23 Jan: Ice a cake, 6 Feb: Cup Cakes, 13 Feb: Pastry & Cake, 12 March: Bake with a surprise ingredient!

Price: RM180 per child per session

In case you have any inquiries regarding these programmes, do not hesitate to email masakini7890@gmail.com or call 03-62604931 (during office hours). All classes and sessions will be held at 8A Tepian Tunku, Bukit Tunku, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

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