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Edgar Müller Turns Streets Into 3D Paintings You Must’ve Seen On Your News Feed
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Edgar Müller Turns Streets Into 3D Paintings You Must’ve Seen On Your News Feed

by Tharany M.July 22, 2015

Edgar Müller is a 47 year old 3D artiste from Mülheim, Germany. Since 1998, he’s held the title of maestro madonnari (master street painter), a recognition awarded at the world’s largest street painting festival called The Grazie Festival held in a small town in Italy.

The first of Edgar’s series of massive street paintings appeared in Moose Jaw, Canada during The Prairie Arts Festival in summer 2007. His piece Turning Riverstreet Into A River was once the biggest 3D street painting – 280 m² of road covered in paint. With the help of a few local artists, Edgar turned a street into a river which ends in a gigantic waterfall.The Waterfall_007The Waterfall_013The Waterfall_024The Waterfall_019The Waterfall_022The Waterfall_023

Other than 3D pavements, Edgar has also done other projects: Evolution, The Caves and Unconditional Love are some of these. He once even did a 3D painting for an animal shelter in the German city of Koblenz to attract public attention and help collect funds for a new building.


Head over to Edgar’s site here to view all of his projects.

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