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Chart Chat: Rembat On Par With Predecessor, Polis Evo Refuses To Budge
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Chart Chat: Rembat On Par With Predecessor, Polis Evo Refuses To Budge

by Deric EctOctober 13, 2015

OPENING last week, Shamyl Othman‘s Rembat is a multiracial Malaysian story about two debt-ridden men who make a trip across Malaysia to sabotage a football game. It’s premise is perhaps just as bizarre as Shamyl’s debut film, Kami Histeria, which kept focus on a girlband which makes use of a langsuir to achieve their fame.

Coincidentally, Rembat enters at #9, the same spot achieved by Kami Histeria back in February last year. The film opened with 64 prints last week and we hope to see it expand further given the positive word-of-mouth and reviews that have been flowing in since the premiere. Check out our review if you haven’t yet and watch the movie!

The only new entry on the chart this week, Rembat is bested by Polis Evo (now in it’s fourth week) which retains it’s #3 spot from last week. Polis Evo has even managed to increase it’s print count, up 13 to a total of 105 four weeks into its run.

Based on recent updates, the film has officially hit the RM13,000,000 mark at the box office so now everyone is hopeful that it might beat The Journey‘s record of RM17,170,341.

Both films are Astro Shaw productions so make sure to congratulate their team and also read our exclusive interviews with director Ghaz Abu Bakar and actor Shaheizy Sam!


Inspector Khai’s got his eye on the #1 position of the all-time box office chart!

Outside the Top 10, Jwanita falls seven spots to #14, losing 20 prints along the way (down to 32 this week). It’s been around for three weeks now, so that’s pretty decent showing for the horror film led by Maya Karin and Cristina Suzanne. The film might continue playing in the coming fortnight, so if you have plans to catch it, do it now!

It’s peer, Girlfriend Kontrak meanwhile slips to the edge of the chart, hanging onto #28 in its third week, supported by just four remaining prints. The National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) has yet to update its box office tally page since 28 September, but once they do expect us to report how much both films have made.

Interestingly, Pontianak Menangis manages to stick around at #21 (down 6 spots) although it lost 28 of its prints. It should disappear by the end of next week. Last week’s champion The Martian meanwhile is pushed to #2 while Tamil-film Puli drops to #5.

This week’s official number one is Joe Wright’s Pan, a prequel to the Peter Pan fable we’ve all grown to love as children. Starring Hugh Jackman, Rooney Mara, Levi Miller and Garrett Hedlund, the film hasn’t been doing too well domestically while reviews have been quite harsh.

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