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Chart Chat: ‘Polis Evo’ Notches Fifth Week In Top 3
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Chart Chat: ‘Polis Evo’ Notches Fifth Week In Top 3

by Deric EctOctober 20, 2015

THIS week at the box office, one holdover shows all the other entries how its done.

Polis Evo moves up to #2 at the local box office in it’s fifth week, bested only by new release Goosebumps. It’s success so far has been stellar and it continues to outperform pretty much every local release that’s ever been put out.

The film has hit the RM15,000,000 mark — we can all feel the pressure amounting for it to become the top-grossing Malaysian movie of all time.

Polis Evo‘s success is very frequently credited to the film’s production value, but let’s give it up to the film’s marketing team. This Astro Shaw production received some of the strongest promotional pushes in recent history (it almost Qu Puteh-ed our national film awards ceremony) and the payback was tremendous; social media is in fact still buzzing over the film.

Last week’s big new entry Rembat meanwhile falls four spots to #13, losing 15 prints along the way. According to the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS), Rembat made a total of RM138,000 in its first five days, securing it a #9 debut last week.


Shaheizy Sam stars in both Polis Evo and Rembat.

Despite sharing two vital cast members with Polis Evo and highly positive word-of-mouth, Rembat‘s performance hasn’t been very encouraging.

We reported recently that the comedy film will not hit television screens anytime soon. Make sure to see it in cinemas while it lasts or you’ll have to wait another year or two for Shamyl to bring out another of his one-of-a-kind movies.

New entries this week arrive in the form of Eyra Rahman‘s Badi and Billy Tang‘s Death Trip.

The former makes it’s way to #10 and is officially the third MIG Production film released this year after Hantu Bungkus Ikat Tepi and Suamiku Jatuh Dari Langit, while Death Trip reaches #21 although it’s status as a local film is still quite gray.

Death Trip is a story of a Chinese couple who visits Malaysia and picks up a Korean hitchhiker who might just turn out to be a murderous psycho. As of 10 October, film information source Filemkita was still unsure of the film’s kewarganegaraan, but the overall Malaysian box office chart lists the film as local.

After two weeks on the chart Pontianak Menangis drops off, accumulating RM98,000 in the process.

Ending their run last week were Jwanita and Girlfriend KontrakBoxOfficeMojo reports that Jwanita has earned RM1,440,000 in 17 days at the box office while FINAS states that Girlfriend Kontrak has amassed RM690,000,000 after three weeks of screening.

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